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英語で3分クッキング!? Let’s make Pancakes!

Hi, guys!
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I was gonna try to speak English but I spoke Japanese mostly…haha
But, It has subtitles in English. You can set it up: )
( I made it for you guys! I might made a mistake tho…haha)

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

Today, I’m gonna make Pancakes andAlso, I’m gonna try to speak English as much as I canSo, Let’s get start it!Today I use this oneandJust some water.It needs just 2 of these. It’s rideculous isn’t it?THIS IS 3 MINUTE COOKINGSo, Let’s get start it!I’m not sure How much water it needsIt’s written thoIt’s such a hassleLaugh it offShake it!My camera is almost brokenI am not sure Is this recording or notIt is the most terrible thingsI’m gonna use housemate’s dish without askingMy face is so annoying. I get that a lotI’m gonna flip itHow is it?So soI failed itYou wanna see it?Like thisI have no sense at allBut It’s the same tasteWhat are you guys doing in your house?Netflix?I have been watching “Crash Landing on You” of Korean drama that I got recommendation from my friendIt’s so niceMr.Lee so cool( I recommend you )He is not so handsome thoSo coolHe is lovelyI got it. The reason why everyone is into Korean MovieI was not interested in it thoHe is so cool isn’t it?Please Let me know, If you have any recommendation.Let it coolIt’s too hotIt’s overcookedI wanna eat delicious Pancakes…I have been taking a movie. That’s why It was overcookedIt looks goodHow do everyone make it well?I can’t do it wellTTI made some PancakesI can’t do it at allHow do I do usually?I didn’t care about it. Because It’s just for meIt’s just for me today as wellSeriously I am not good at cooking…I am not good at cooking. So It’s so terrible you knowI think I can do well next. Look at it!You think so, right?But It’s not.Why is it like this?I don’t get itHahahahaGood morning!Birds is chirpingIt’s good morning!Even though I can’t make Pancakes well, It’s good morning.Emotional instability?Good luck…!After that, It happend a miracle…!?Wait…OMG! I did it!OMG! I did it!Look forward to it!hahaAm I a genius?What?I might be a geniusAh! I just remembered!Have you seen “Dream match”?I am a devil of Water~♪If you don’t know about it, You can serch “Dream match Naomi Watanabe”I am a devil of Pancake~♪Wow It looks good!Looks so delicious!I think I wii do DIY for my next video.I think I am good at doing DIYJust kidding. Sorry…hahaI will be quietThen, I finished making Pancakes. So, I am going to decorate it.It looks good.Let’s eatIs this the wrong way around?The maple sirup that I use is this oneNothing specialLet’s eat!It’s so quick and like a clapping hands!hahaAh Finally I can eat itYum!Hmm…YumSo delicious! (in Korean)It’s so deliciousHmm… It’s deliciousI don’t have any words of compliment.Cheers! Make a toast with a MilkSo, Thank you for watching my videoI hope you enjoy this videoAnd, I will see you guys in my next video!ByeeeeeResultsI didn’t speak EnglishSorry guys!

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