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Workout + Making cookies | School Day vlog

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I do recommend the cookies you should be able to find them in Walmart or target

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Video Transcription

just because I’m try something new maybeyour friend get dressedno I’m only to dress the other days Ijust named jamas I can go on my best daymy workbut I guess it’s not helping me use anhour the game as much time as I could bedoing getting so much sitting in a tableand get my clothes on and my outfit on alittle clicking matches on camera but itreally doesn’t because these leggingsare too bright in the shirt is too darkso that’s just too much about here solet me show youthere’s still the morning so it wasn’treal worker early I’ll have to doanything else I might join a nationalchains of our society being absent ifit’s for the street I’m working on youngman and I have to just one little thingfor a world know how world music oh yeahI have to tape like one little sectionfor more music and then type 1 over P II[Music][Music]cut them into whatever different shapesplaces right hereyou’re sleeping andto make me a sandwich for now but I want400 people are making mewhat about everyday I mean they say 60hours recommended but I mean you couldtry to get that in so it’s hard for meto get it in so it’s hard for me to getit in though because I’m exercise I feellike all the time did not stretching andstuff not really more of a long typeexercise I can exercise with you wrongI’ll just get bored and then tired atthe same time if you guys know what Imean now we’ve watched our new dinoshere Oh Godstuck under my thing so we’re gonnacharge that upWow I exercise but target last night sowe’re gonna charge it tonight so thattomorrow I can actually track how muchexercise and I show you guys becauseyeah I have some really good videoscoming out some really good onesand hopefully I post this one becausesometimes I have a tendency of notposting a video you just because itdoesn’t look good or whatever so yeahokay I’m gonna jump into this shirt andthree because we’re gonna get the sceneyesterdayI can’t do this with one hand parentalvision remember you need a glove if youdon’t do thisno Naveen peeking in with a little fatoopsiesOh guys if I did them all like they getthis stuff gave us they will look justlike that fact if you wait okay so untilreally goodit wouldn’t they are like this column sothen this takes more like a browniedon’t wear bring out one of the widerones a smaller like this but it’s stillgood real good to have another batch inthere but there’s gonna be more like thelighter songs so I’m giving a mini shapeoh yeah well my writing is undyingreckon your time okay Renee is so soft Ilove you subscribe like it and sharethis video thank you

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