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VLOG | Let’s Talk Dalgona, Quarantine, Music While Making Cookies n Cream Shake

Recipe starts at 3:09 *Thank You*

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

oh hi guys you know say lockdown here weare on a tour and everything sometimesI’m just so depressedcoach Tina was not a productive attendeebecause no to do I pick up a car anywayand some days you just you feel likehaving zero energy which they unique ourtown it is one of those days and Idecided each other why not get in withArctic which because I’m good okay and Ithought why not film it as well so it’sgoing to be a one take would you know Idid not say this so casually ouchcollector of to coronavirus there aresometimes motivation it needs ourannuity a gas-electric apis end of timesbuzz up to near Hitomi and some daysyou’re like nice a question Portugal asa critical thing I think it’s time thatwe pray and reflect on ourselves andduty say acne and their improvement Lanavalue what is it array and also do soclearly people I so chair okayso that is also very important and ifyou guys are not interested in what I’mtalking you can totally skip may enterthe donkey key what I’m doing in thekitchen and number two do geeky yeah saydo not accept him but yeah I wanted totalk a talk internet pretty sensationalat Philadelphia and I’ve tried it andtrust me it’s nothing specialwahee process at the system hot coffeebanana but instead of hot milk we areusing like or American trust me it’s apyramid and even though this tastes somuch better then dalgonaand also even cold coffee is way betterthan toner sothere’s the referent tryna gonnadominate okay obviously majokoiexpectations teeny but then I decided toget you know why not Boris I put thetiger little and I did not like it soyeah and when I was oh ha ha ha abdomenis recentlythis is so embarrassing but manyrecently Jamuna smile go discovered hereand I have been listening to his songslike it looks like instant coffee 3:1chocolate now ice cream is optional Isaid oh I am going to make a milkshakejust my screamers tortilla but I don’tuse ice cream you can also say to placecut it you know because I like the tastebetter with this oh yeah and also milk1/2 cup of milk and full cup of milkshould not banana a quantity would nottravel do with her Mac currently isrecipe man and I’m so dead and alsoeveryone is sleeping so that’s why I’mspeaking[Music]a group Jon Theodore ice cream atreceptive manicotti[Music]mother’s ready and rose Medusa mantry this do the cookies and cream and but what percent so yeah I hope youguys like this and please like andsubscribe and try this at home it’s soeasy MATLAB quit when I was like thatand let me know if you guys like itMadoka fragility like something cut abanana milkshake so yeah okay 9 eyes butfor some weird reason which I say and Ican’t that eyes in it so I hope you guysliked it please the stuff I’m gonnashock a bald eagle – please like orsubscribe today and yeah I shall see youin my next video

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