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Trying To Make Cookies With Only 3 Ingredients #getsmessy ( A Load Of Footage Is Missing 😢)

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]only trying to make trying to makecookies with only three ingredients thisis gonna be interestingso let’s just get straight into itbefore we get into rich and I did seethe Sun tick tock think if I remembercorrectly the free ingredients a peanutblood sugar and an egg so yeah we’regonna see if this wax and if it does andmake sure to try it out at home fulltime so yeah and then he once made somefun night for yourself I’d have to readon my phone I feel so gently so I wasn’treally a big fan and when you die youthink[Music][Music][Music][Music]you cringe my son to a second do this Ithink and my 20 flowers on Chacon do asecondI’m going to put this on the tray andthen we’ll be don’t just say about whatyou think the way that is not what iscookie dough coffee doll if you gotchocolate chips on that I just this webend over like the ice cream cookiedough so yeah that’s a key don’t thoughI’m gonna bake them so then I can placebut I might try some of the spoon afterthe mixture mix it’s only gonna makenine because if the size of the churchso there’s a lot mom I’m gonna say itforgot my track but it’s just a bandthe family I didn’t like the fin whitechalk or any other plated recipe andotherswell you can do the smooth peanut onicon didfirst of all started a job[Music]I mean like you would know what to useto you would have have to use thisinvestment you were doing a ministerpies cakes or cookies the way they are[Music]right definitely[Music]okay[Music]bacon video so I’m just gonna get yourcue okay I’m just gonna give you a fewexamples tonight under tournamentbrownies they’re telepathic Johnny fruitand a warm delight from the bait he’sgonna dump see ya – I may be back homesoonright now the cookies are cooling in thefridge and I will be back when theyfocus-test right so I’m backgot one of the cookies here that killedI didn’t even write whatever andwe’re gonna have ice cream if I likethem[Music][Music]you

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