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The Best way to Bake Cookies in the Oven! Sugar Cookies!

You can easily add sprinkles on the dough before baking. Its a nice and simple way to make them for a sweet treat. Or you can easily frosting or glaze them and then add your sprinkles. Enjoy!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hi I wanted to show you real quick how Ibake my cookies usually I double pan itbut since I have it at a real low tempat 350 and I’m really watching it theseare my sugar cookies from from a coupledays ago I did refrigerate the cookiedough which is what you can do you cansprinkle them before or you can sprinklethem afterwards with some frosting itwon’t stick the sprinkles won’t stickbut here’s a end result you just takesome icing and get some sprinkles andthen you just sprinkle them and look athow pretty they are I mean it’s realsimple to make these um cookies reallyeasy you can send them out or give themaway for Christmas gifts and it’s reallyaffordable so all you have to do is justmake a really nice recipe I’ve had arecipe for over 50 years and that I’veused and as since I was a kid so andthese are delicious and they’re fun sohappy baking

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