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Quick delicious cookies

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi friendstoday we are making sweet heart cookiesone of our all-time favorites the firstthing you’re going to do is add yoursoftened butter and your sugar to amixing bowl[Music]creamed them together until they’relight and fluffy[Music]make sure you scrape down your bowlabout halfway through just to make surethat everything is combined properlythen another quick mix now add your eggyolks and mix again until combined[Music]now it’s time to add your flower[Music]you’re going to turn on the mixer onemore time until all of the flour isincorporatednow the dough is going to be reallystiff and that’s great that’s exactlywhat you want you’re going to scrape itoff your paddle attachment into the bowlnext you’re going to sprinkle a littleflour onto the counter top this way guyswhen you turn out your dough it won’tstick now plop your dough onto thecounter top you’re just going to kneadit very gently for a minute or so justlike I’m doing here basically you wantthe dough to come together and it to bea little bit smoother than it is rightnow[Music]once your dough is smooth you’re goingto stop pinching little pieces of doughoff and rolling them into balls Itypically go about an inch to an inchand a half[Music]now once you have your dough ballsrolled you’re going to take the handleof a wooden spoon and make a hole in themiddle of each ball be careful not to goall the way through the bottom[Music]this is how they should look from thetopwooden spoon starts to stick just dipthe handle in a little flour now you’regoing to fill each hole with Jam itdoesn’t matter what flavor whatever yourfavorite isI used a berry jam here sometimes I usestrawberry it just kind of depends whatI’m in the mood for[Music]once you have your cookies filled you’regoing to put them in a 350 degree ovenfor between 10 and 12 minutes now theywon’t Brown completely on the topthey’ll set though and they’ll be alittle bit golden on the bottom they’llbe perfect that way now once they’redone you’re going to take them off thebaking sheet and put them on a rack tocoolonce your cookies are cool go ahead andsprinkle with a little powdered sugarall this left to do now is eat and enjoytrust me guys these won’t last long

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