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How to make cookies – a spastics guide

Some may call me Jamie Oliver but Im not..!

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Video Transcription

what is going on guys and today we’remaking biscuits for the spastic soespecially up thereoon awaits the biscuits come to me cometo me after my usual just capture thefirst step you lazy stability to bringyou the Grizzlies the buttocks sugarbase of flour whole milk my guys back inthe hood you drove a whole berries firstof all yeah get the butter and you cutthe butter ha a little slice or two offthe bar once you’ve got that far I justwant that bar you put it in the bowl Isaw but if your bars you know chakrathat Cup with two little squares makesit easier Oh Oh lovely a bad acid inthere like that yeah lovely nothingabout two or three spoonfuls Laverfloats your boattry not to spill it everywhere spasticsthat’s what you do so once it’s in thebowl of that gobbly then you will getsome sugar sugar you pour sugar in thereif you have diabetes obviously you knowyou’ve got careful with that sugar ifnot just pour it all in there as much asyour heart desires you knowso what’s sitting in a bowl sugar getyour hands make sure you wash your handsbecause I know what you’ve been touchingmix it or nota shot and you will mix up the twobreadcrumbsyeah so I’ll just speed upso after you do that it should look likethis nice and golden like bread crumb melike they know what you want to do youwanna get another ingredient you willget some eggs and you want to get a cupso once you’ve got your egg on your carwe need to do yeah it’s a smash your eggor the edge of the cup hard so it splitsor you just got that little extra guardthere figure out if these some of theshow goes into cop just after you knowgreater bear it really nasty just getrid of that roughly then what we do youget a full health I used to do a whiskeyroute that becomes rough that shouldlook like that and then then what youwant to do sort of pour a little bit notall of it just a little bit in thereand then you just wanna mix about a buckoff she’s really good YouTube videothank you very much because it was outthe idea hey you wanna mix it alltogetherthanks I owe sloppy laughs a spasticyeahmix all together and if it gets reallysticky she would add a little bit moreflour into it try and scrape off withyour fingersremember don’t exist this is rural stuffyou need to lay cook all your plasticsare always so don’t climb ugh allthis stuff so if it does get reallysticky add a little bit of flour inthere some more flour in there not toomuch though and I use spastics laughsflour it’s gonna mix it up all overagainand it should turn into about nicealready flowery but if you keep movingit all the flour will go from itso once it’s in this dough what you needto do you want to get your secretingredient so if it does get reallysticky add a little bit of flour inthere some more flour in there not toomuch thoughand I use spastics last flourit’s gonna mix it up all over again andit should turn into a bound nice allright be flowery but if you keep movingit all the flour will go from itso once it’s in this dog what you needto do you want to get your secretingredient in this case of the secretingredientI’ve got golden nuggets so I want to dowanna get your secret ingredient it’sgonna pour it in the bowl not all of ityou know just wanna call it that mix itall togetherget in that diveso I get all mixed up in that sorryabout thatthen you’ve got your dull beige anyblack in their fault and you want to geta baking tray with now what you weredoing you will have put some flour onyour workplace trust me on this onespastic trust me not a lot okay put thatin the table a little bit more and youwill get your dough and we’ll wrap it inthe flour so it comes with nice and thatI’m not sticky once you’ve got that youhad then you want to get you or laughsor stents or something over it but whilespastics I have washed my hands I’m notyou a few pieces a mess very nice andeven don’t need you roll up don’t do allthat stuff that sports plastics use babyyou use it but I died so you get thestencil you were too into that but ifit’s sticky a little bit Brown to it I’mso gone I’m stickythe next Gnosticsand you want to get you it and I’m gonnaget straight with some greaseproof bacontape on it and then you want to put iton your straight and you’ll do thatagain on your track they keep doing ituntil you’ve done all the used up withyour dimeand if you have some left just put outflat again and then just do the samething again a – you throw downand if you have some left but not enoughto make a whole thing this fog justrolled it International little flatshape and then just put it in your trayI don’t know why you so now what youwant to do spastics and we’ll turn onthe other I’m probably want to it tolike 190 degrees perfect your cookies inthere and set your timer for about 10minutes and then yeah it’s notmonotonous which is fast it is thefinished product that looks extra thickhow do you think these cookies Webbget in my belly creak it how did youtake the cookies bone surgery I thinkthat’s a good thing

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