yt 116485 Self distancing Day 1 Tik tok coffee and making cookies - Self-distancing Day 1 // Tik-tok coffee and making cookies!
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Self-distancing Day 1 // Tik-tok coffee and making cookies!

Hi Guys, This was filmed last week when the situation was not as bad as it is now, I recommend for everyone to stay inside and get through this together!!! I’m going to be uploading all through this self-isolation time to make things a but more fun, might even mess around and make a tiktok?

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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hi guys and welcome to a new video todayI’m gonna be showing you what I do whenI am at home with nothing else to dobecause there’s nothing to do nowbecause the second hermit which I’m notin lockdown in Australia which is greatbecause lock down the same stressful oldage also sort of things fun because youget to stay home fellow two weeks anywaywhy not in lockdown so we can search Ican do whatever we want this money I didgo out and take this kitchen stroll cuzwe needed new pots and pans for thehouse and we also went to whoop ass forthe 20 million time this week because wecouldn’t find any barbecue sauce andwe’re running out and we like barbecuesauce so we found some and that wasgreat oh look I like the biggest bottleleft and I was like we don’t need thisbig but oh but that’s all that was leftso we just bought it and you ain’t partfrom that yesterday we made our own handsanitizer which works great you just gotto use like I so portable turn in thesecond one I’ll put it up here I loveyour gel and also lavender oil and wemix it all together it smells verystrong it smells a lot like alcohol butI think that’s effective if you thinkabout it so now I’m home it’s aboutmidday I’m gonna make myself some lunchand bake some cookies I didn’t reallyknow what to do I’ve also recentlyreally gotten into drawing I’ll show youguys some of my drawings so I might evendo another drawing I’ve been I gottaclean up my room but damn yeah these mybad ones but that was like my first everone like that’s really but you canroll that as letting out of your facethat’s also pretty bad that ishorrendous the clouds I haven’t workedout yet reasons I like the teacher Ilooks good on camerain real life I need to work on that todropand then only did that yesterday hesends a bit up I don’t know whathappened and I also did that yesterdaywhich it’s meant to look like it’sreally standing up anyway I don’t knowif that looks row you know what I haveto add to this that’s a huge action youlook nice today you looks nice Thanks Ineeded to like I got these Jo pens notthat I’m gonna save they’re working no Ineed to like they were there’s not asjelly as I wanted him like that sideprobably could be whacked on he doesn’tlike that I guess but that’s all I drawI chucked on some comfy pants because Ihave to clean dismiss fun this but Ineed to water my plant and the only wayto reach it it’s by a little ladder Ialso changed into my shorts because itwas getting hot sorry shut up this isliterally I get my water bottle and likeoh no I think from this little holy Iguess with my finger in and it’s gotwater in this that means it’s prettygood leave it and thenbut occasionally HeyI just ate lunch and completely forgotto it but it was good I had like aham sandwich and some dipping crackersand some like cheese and crackers mydogs barking what’s new anyway I do wantto make cookies but I’m really full nowso like I don’t want to make them I wantto make them but I’m really cool maybe Iwon’t make them maybe I’ll just watchsome YouTube and also a treat so I grabsome of that who knows I’ll say whatI’ll do I’ll keep you guys informedright now somewhat to YouTube and liedown because I can’t think of anythingbetter I think I am gonna make somecookiesI’ve watched a bit of YouTube but I willbring my laptop still and keep watchingand bake some cookies we’ve got like acake mix which mind you was impossibleto find at the store it was like threeblasts and I’m so glad we got onebecause baking is funwell that Lighting’s graves Wow mighttake some selfies sirwhere’s my cake mix it has to be in heresomewherethere’s my cake mix I just realized it’sthe healthy one it’s probably is betterbut whateverI hope may try again I’m gonna roll themoutthere are the cookies I’m gonna put themin the oven for like 15 minutes maybeI’m not gonna lie I am Heike boys Ithink I might whip out the pencilsstarted drawing I don’t know just get apasta time some way or another I triedto draw Harry Styles then it doesn’tlook a thing like Harry Stylesanyway I ate the cookies they tastephenomenalI had one I’ll show you them very verycute but I want to have a second onesthat you know what I really reallyreally want to try is that whiskinginstant coffee tick tock thing I’m gonnagive it a go they hope it actually worksso I’ll let you guys know I think if youreally wanna kind of stunt you’re gonnawant to put well two tablespoons ofsugar seems like a lot of sugarum but I have quite a bit more yeah andthen we’re gonna get three tablespoonsof boiling water in there I’ll show youokay now that’s all in there we’re justgonna mix and they’re gonna keep mixingin keep mixing and keep mixing until itturns light brown fluffy saucy and 20minutes guys it actually we’re gonna seehow quick that’s gone no egg gloss sheget a mug kind of the Hipmunk collectionyou fill it with icethat seems that right you get your mouthI just popped that in let’s have a lookand give this the same handle we justmaybe I’ll put a line let’s give it ataste it tastes good tastes like nicecoffee

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