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STEP-BY-STEP How to make OREO CHEESECAKE COOKIES!| Lovely Dessert #Vlog

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Video Transcription

hey what’s up taste buds I’m back withanother videoperiod you guys I’m about to show youhow to make some oreo cheesecake cookiesso let’s get into it okay y’all so beabout to get into it let me show y’allwhat my mama made right quick thoughy’all she made some cornbread and somebeef stewit’s very soupy cuz she loves the brothbut that’s what we smashed today beforewe eat this lovely dessert so look at itit’s super juicy all right I know that’snot what y’all here for so let’s justget into it okay you guys so here is theingredients for what we need for thecookies we got Oreos we have 2 cups offlourwe have 1 and 1/2 cup of sugar and 2softened unsalted butter zuv oh my goshbutter y’all and then an 8 ounce pack ofcream cheese then I have my mixer herewith the that blender mixer I don’t evenknow the car that one but let’s get intoit so y’all I’m just cutting the creamcheese and I’m gonna put that into thepot I got this recipe from someone ontik-tok I wish I knew the name so that Ican shop them out but y’all theydefinitely did a thing with this one sobut yea I put the cream cheese in hereand then I am going to add my sugar andmy softened butter that I put in themicrowave to soften make sure you guyssit your cream cheese out at least 1 to2 hours out so that I can get roomtemperature and soften up because you donot want to have risked that hassle ofhaving your cream cheese and that’s allyou want to make sure that is soft sosit it out and then I’m about to getready to mix all of this up with theblender first before I add the two cupsof flourokay now guys we’re about to blendeverything up down to the softenedbutter with the cream cheese and thesugar we’re gonna blend it well itshould come out very soft looking it’sgonna be it’s gonna be thick once youadd the flour but make sure that’s allblended well together I feel like Icould have blended mine more but this ishow you should do it if you have amechanical blender you can use that aswell put it on the high-speed and blendit all together before you add yourflour so now I’m just gonna get myspatula and fold it in just because Ifeel like it’s in pieces that’s notbeing blended so I’m gonna do that rightnownow y’all I’m about to add the two cupsof flour I’m gonna add it right in tothe mix I’m just letting it blend alittle bit more but I want to add thatin and I want to add it in little bylittle just so that it can fully get inthere and mix well together as y’all cansee I was very hard-headed y’all aboutto see when I poured this flour in thereit’s like if you’re supposed to turn thespeed down I did not listen cuz I was inthe rush I’m just trying to geteverything together so yes don’t be likeme turn your speed down when you’readding the flour and little by littleand then once you get it all in thereturn that boy down I mean you could turnthat way back up because yeah you don’twant flour all over your kitchenso now y’all this is just about donehere I’m about to turn off the blenderor the mixer as y’all can see I gotthose 20 crunched Oreos over there I gotthem all crunched up the packmaking sure everything’s blended welltogether before I pour it in my bowl andmother pour the mix in and get ready toadd Oreos[Music]so y’all forgive me okaydon’t be judging but yes I have thegrill spatula for the patties andwhatever else you’d cook it with yes I’mtaking that and chopping up the Oriolesbecause that’s just what I wanted to dothat’s my business dangjust like top of the brown B stationlike a dance might be easyyeah that’s my business yeah I just Ihad that was what was accessible at themoment that’s what I was just trying toget to something the crunch those boysup so that I didn’t have to use my endbut yes that’s what I did now I’mpouring them into the mix you guys and Ihave a separate special if you guys cansee that I’m about to mix everything inwith I’m going to take that and wiggledand squiggle it and turn it by hand andget it all mixed in thereso now you guys I am pretty much donemixing everything together now I’m gonnatake some parchment paper and cover itup because I don’t have any plastic wrapusually that’s what you would use andI’m gonna pop it right into the fridgefor about 30 minutes or so or at leastuntil I finish my movie I’m gonna putthat boy right into the fridge and tryto make it fit cause we got live stuffgoing on in there forgive us but fridgeegos alright you guys so now it’s abouttime to put the mix onto the tray thenmakes it very stiff now so I am going totake it and put it on some parchmentpaper and pop it I’m gonna prep it forthe oven now you guys if you did see meif you noticed I did use vegetable oilspray the pan do not do that unless youwant your ends to be browned that’s themistake I made with the first batch so Iare you not supposed to spray to spraythem vegetable oil because that’ll makeit kind of burn a little bit so don’t dothat just put the parchment paper onthere that’s what that’s forand so now I am taking the cookie mixI’m taking it by hand because the scoopjust it’s in my waytaking it rolling it into a ball sittingit down yes my hands are clean that’swhy I shouldand I’m gonna put them all nice and neaton the tray it’s where they can fit andthen I want to take my ice cream scooperand flatten it out a little bit so itcan be better than when it gets ready tocook[Music]okay you guys they’re just about readyto be going right into the oven I’m setyour oven at 350 degrees make sure it’spreheated and put them in there forabout 14 to 16 minutes yeah here they goall right so look at those bad babiesooh this is my second batch that I madewithout the vegetable oil on the pan Imean look at the turnout Wow oh my godyou guysthat’s the turnout look at them badbabies very moist that’s usually how Ieat my cookies I don’t like them noother way but that’s how they shouldturn out the COS set them on my plate -look you guys I hope you guys have agreat turnout just as we did this isdefinitely a first for me and wedefinitely enjoyed those cookies and weate them fresh my husband Adel with somemonster type ice cream is like ice creamwith a whole bunch stuff in it but yeahnow it’s my turn to try itmmm y’all seen that first bite oh yeahbabydefinitely ago but I couldn’t eat toomany I have to drink some water for thatbut but yes you guys I appreciate youguys watching this video give my video athumbs up for the[Applause]

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