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Making cookies *Gone wrong kinda*

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Video Transcription

cheap ass today I have really only meI’m gonna step in his tower when I’m inhere it’s really annoying meI’ve already stepped on it helloeveryone today we are making cookies andthey’re really easy so if you want aquick and easy recipe this is the onefor you and that personchocolate orange cookies I would havepreferred that milk truck pepper a lotwhite chocolate bit but make sure youpre-heat preheat the oven to 180 youneed 170 grams of caster sugarit should scale do their with Drive say170 grams we’re gonna put 170 in thewait don’t put in the bowl I see 5 oflight brown sugar take five but a littlebit so much okay and then you need 110grams of melted butterok I’m gonna do the flour self-risingmake sure and you need 200 pounds you’regonna sip it or we’re not doing it likeshe didn’t you are don’t need to leave[Music]when we watch the video these areAllison’s cookies Oh us over by foolingand she didn’t buy we’re not gonnanotice it’s like a differencefinally don’t assume isn’t it don’t knowunless we meanbang we’re just gonna shove in them youknow it doesn’t go in cries oh okay wellguess if I talk to my our treatment ofsalt half teaspooneight how much 110 grams that’s whatI’ve proposed in the bar310 come ontomorrow I have to put it in the fridgeand then we need so what do we do forthe butter put beat again come on putagain yeah how much did we need I’ve gotit Fred done that with one handI would like to – groans where’s theblue stroller but I’m just gonna add thebutter and mix it with this the eggand the sugar and then we’re gonna do iswe’re going to put a bit of cookiediving and then pop it from his head sothen it will be no eating the middlewith Nutella Oh nothing’s in it I putthat in the corn in with the flour it’sin the flouryou’d be putting it in as I’m mixinganything for you[Music]coins day under it there you need to dipyour hands I’m telling you you can dothat yeah why isn’t it sticking in herone didwhy what is flour you need to do it withyour hands that’s the problemold assessment I do need the zester theput peanut butter is no currently lookslike that I just will hardly what goingfor so I want a team like okaynot long surely let’s look like 10-15minutesnice cooking make sure you grease thetin because that is a big problem yougot going if you don’t do that you knowthat what the hell is thatthat’s it there we go I’m all deadand then you literally break it off intoten Barbu the balls do it all first I’mgonna do that after all you could docook some that’s big big I’m not pickythey’ve got something to see my sizegrows why because I might be bigger thanothers and you’re not going to get ismore or are you and they won’t they’recooked differently they’re differentdoing so with gritty team Josh learnswhat do you choose for me because you’vedone the first one massive well that’s alot smaller to them isn’t it look babygo big bold yeah yeah break in half justmake a deep hole put it on switch it ontalland let me tell you I’ll be the bestcookieand then[Music]here’s all that Nutella surprise notmuch left it there no I don’t really gotbeanie as long as it tastes goodwell we’ve got obviously quite a lotleft over we’re gonna put these in andthen the next batch we do we’re gonnaput crunchy in the middle I’ve got anexperiment really you can literally dowhatever you want but these are goingfor 10 to 15 minutes so I’ll put them inthey grow quite a lot though so don’t dotoo many finds a 10 to 15 min he justlooked at them and they look on real butthey’re gonna wait a few we’re gonnakeep watching them but they’re like theylook better grown a lot or spread justmum sighs oh I look amazingoh I did for hardened look at them badI’m Willa here are your amazing cookiesokay but we can only do a certain amountthat’s fineboy oh go away go away[Music]mommy’s not gonna firm again I’m havingtrouble ma boy baby trouble in myfingers yeah my monocular camera videodemoand now our lineI want kind of crunchy one not goodthey’ll pop out stop by your side I’llwrite it out of town rule it matchesyour eyes got big hair on it I got cleanhair it’s alright everything cannot be[Music]you’re the only one now this is thesecond batch but we didn’t want to cookthem as long as these are a little bithard thank you for watching this video Ihope you enjoy it and I hope you try andmake the cookies and thank you forcheering me on instagram and commentanything you want to say and thank youfor watching by happy bad egg

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