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Snowball Cookies video demonstration –

Snowball Cookies, Russian Teacakes, Mexican Wedding Cakes, no matter what you call them, I call them, “melt-in-your-mouth” delicious.
I hope this recipe and video inspires you to bake.
Let’s BAKE!

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Video Transcription

welcome to scone bacon beyond hi I’mKathy and I enjoy making scones muffinscookies and all sorts of delicious bakedgoodies it is snowing outside right nowso I thought I’d share with you myrecipe for snowball cookies thesecookies are also calledRussian tea cakes Mexican wedding cakesand assortment of other names but welike to call them snowball cookiesbecause they remind us of the snow andthese are my daughter’s favorite cookieso let’s bake[Music][Music]let’s get startedI have here my bowl for my stand mixerhere and I’m going to put in there onecup of butter and this butter is at roomtemperature so it’s been softened and tothat I’m going to add 1/2 cup of siftedpowdered sugar so I’m just going to putit through myself and just get all thebigger pieces through there there we goand to that I’m going to add oneteaspoon of vanilla extract then you’llput this on my mixer here put in mypaddle go and we’re going to cream thison medium high speed for one or twominutes till it’s really light andfluffy[Music]okay it’s nice light and fluffy so nowit’s time to get our flower ingredientstogether I have here one and 3/4 cup ofall-purpose flour to that I’m going toadd 1/2 cup of whole wheat pastry flourand 1/4 teaspoon of salt we’re going towhisk this together and now we’re goingto add it slowly into our butter mixtureand we’re going to beat it on low speeduntil it comes togethernow the flour mixture is in there I’mgoing to and it’s starting to cometogether with the butter I’m going tojust bring this up to medium speed untilit’s totally combined okay now that hascome together I’m going to add 3/4 cupsof toasted walnuts and we’re just gonnamix this together until it just allcomes together[Music]then I takes about 10 seconds so nowwe’re gonna clean off our feeder herethere we go get everything off of thereand all I’m gonna do is just kind ofgive it a little hand stir just a fewturns to make sure I get everything offthe sides get this dough together andthen it’s totally combined there we gothere and now we need to refrigeratethis so I’m just gonna leave it in mymixing bowl get out a piece of saranwrap here and I want that off in therethere we gothere okay and we’re gonna cover thebowl with plastic wrap here and thenwe’re gonna put this in the refrigeratorfor an hour okay it’s been an hour andhour addo is nice and chilled here Ihave a number forty scooper it’s aboutone and a half tablespoons about an inchand a half cookies what we’re going tobe making here so what we’re gonna do isjust scoop it up and yes it’s gonna befirm down there because it is cold andthat’s okay so I scoop it up put my handand then just kind of smash it togethera little bit as I make it into a balland we’re gonna put these on my bakingsheet and we’re going put about an inchapart because these don’t spread they’regonna be the same size when they’re tofinish baking so I’m going to keep ondoing this until I fill up my[Music]and here’s our last one typically I canget these all on one baking sheetsometimes I think I make them smallersometimes so there we have them I’vepreheated my oven to 400 degrees andwe’re gonna bake these for 10 to 12minutes okay it’s been 11 minutes and ifthey are done and first thing I want todo is take these cookies off this bakingsheet so the bottoms of the cookiesdon’t make any more than they alreadyhaveI don’t want the bottoms to be over bigand it’s gonna pull this off of herehere we go got off to the side and forthese snowball cookies how you tell thatthey’re done is you don’t want them toturn brown but you want them to juststart turning brown and that’s when theyare done so we’re going to let theserest here for about five minutes andthen it’s time to put some powderedsugar on them okay it’s been fiveminutes and they’re cooling down so Ihave here some powdered sugar now itdoesn’t really matter how much powderedsugar because what we’re going to do iswe’re going to coat these cookies twicewith powdered sugar so I usually put inabout a cup cup and I have to start withif you need to add a little bit moreadding a little bit more but we can getstarted here so like I said it’s beenabout five minutes and they’re startingto cool down so we’re gonna put thefirst coating of powdered sugar on themso you just take your cookie here andjust plop it in the powdered sugar giveit a nice coating and put it over on theother cooling rack and I always line mycooling racks with parchment paper whatI do[Music]okay this is our last cookie there we goand that is their first coating ofpowdered sugar we’re gonna let these sithere for another 10 minutes let themcool down some more and then we’ll puton their second coating of powderedsugar okay it’s been 10 minutes thecookies are pretty much cooled down andas you can hopefully see is thatpowdered sugar start and absorbed intothe cookie itself so we need to give ita second coating and we usually do thesecond coating once they’re pretty muchcooled down so and give a second coatingso they really look like snowballs nowso I’m gonna give each one of thesecookies their second coating and if youdo this while they’re too warm you mighthave to give it a third coating so wetry to wait until they’ve cooled down togive them their second coating you wantto make sure when you coat these thatyou coat them quite liberally with thatpowdered sugar so again so they looklike snowballs there we go that’s ourlast one I’m gonna clean the decks oKwe’ve cleared the decks got all of ourcookies covered got all the other stuffput away here and so now let’s we get totry oneso take this one look they look likelittle snowballs and that’s why I callthem thatand one one little hint when you take abite because of all that powdered sugardon’t breathe in at the same time youtake a bite because well that’s just notgood so we’ll take a bitedrums everywhere these are so soft andthey just kind of melt in your mouth infact you probably put the whole thing inyour mouth but mmm I won’t do thatanyway these are so soft but then youget that little crunch from the walnutand that powdered sugar just gives itjust the right amount of sweetness theseare so buttery good for the completerecipe please go to my websites go onbaking com and there is a link below ifyou like this video please give it athumbs up and please subscribe forfuture videosI hope this recipe inspires you to bakethank you for watching

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