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The Easiest Thumbprint Cookies With Infinite Fillings

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Homemade thumbprint cookies aren’t just some recipe. These are cookies that my family has been making for pretty much my entire life. If you’ve never had them before, or had them like this, then it’s time to start!

Scandinavian Whisk:

Tik Tok:
Ingredients you’ll need:
1.5 cups (218g) all purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon (1g) salt
2/3 cup (160g) butter
1/2 cup (115g) granulated sugar
1 egg
2 teaspoon (10g) vanilla extract

Lemon Curd:
1/2 cup (118ml) fresh lemon juice
1/2 cup (115g) sugar
1 tbsp (4g) lemon zest
3 eggs
1/2 cup (115g) unsalted butter

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Video Transcription

so this cookie originates from Swedenand it has original Swedish name notgonna pronounce it for you but ittranslates to raspberry cave so comealong children enter the raspberry cavewith me shout out the Squarespace forsponsoring this video I’m finallybuilding my website after years ofpromising that’s what it tookanyway we’ll talk about it at the endall right so we’re making a holidayfavorite thumbprint cookies a K fromwhat I this is my best pronunciation allright I’m already ready for the commentsto blow me away hell it Helen gropedthank youSwedish people come on just destroy melet’s go I used to get these every yearmy grandma was always the most excitingtime because I loved thumbprint cookiesreminder that I’m on tick-tock andInstagram all the links are in thedescription thank you that is a plug foreverybody and I hope you appreciate itso with all that said let’s make thisshall we so this is a super simplerecipe sometimes short and easy is whatyou want using electric beaters you’regonna beat together two thirds of a cupof 160 grams of unsalted softened butterbig soft beat that together on highspeed with half a cup or 115 grams ofgranulated sugar and just beat that biguntil it starts to get a little creamyabout two to three minutes then beat in1 room temperature egg and 2 teaspoonsor 10 grams of vanilla extract beatagain until nice and creamy then in aseparate bowl you’re gonna combineone-and-a-half cups are 218 grams ofall-purpose flour with half a teaspoonor 1 gram of fine sea salt just whiskthat together get it evenly incorporatedthose of you who are asking kind ofwhisk this is it’s called a Scandinavianwhipper and there will be a link for itin the description so I guesstechnically it’s for whipping but I dowhat I want cause a pirate is free addyour flour mixture to the butter mixtureand just fold and fold and fold until itcomes together and forms a beautifullysilky dough by kissing it should be easyenough to handle by hand now but if notyou can always just toss it in thefridge for 30 minutes before rollinginto balls so now that we’ve got ourdough we need to decide what we want toroll our balls in yepno really I’ve got four options for youcan roll it into crushed toasted nutslike hazelnuts like I’ve got hereyou can roll it in shredded coconut oryou could rollraw sugar a K Demerara sugar or last youcould just leave it plain or potentiallyeven dust it with powdered sugar nextyou’re gonna form your dough into 1-inchballs make sure to make sure that thereis even as possible you’ll get about twodozen out of this recipe once you shapeyour ball immediately roll it intowhatever you’re coating of choices thenplace it on a baking sheet lined withparchment paper make sure that you giveit at least an inch of space in betweeneach cookie I would say an inch and ahalf will be better I probably put theselittle close together in my opinion nowonce you clear your baking sheets linedwith balls that are coated in all sortsof stuff this is one hell of videoyou’re then gonna take a teaspoonmeasure or your thumb and press a smallintention in every single ball aka thethumbprint part then take your bakingsheet and place it in your refrigeratorfor 30 minutes to chill while chillingpre-heat your oven to 375 degreesFahrenheit or 190 degrees Celsiusonce they’ve chilled go straight fromthe fridge to the oven and pop them inthere for about 10 to 15 minutes oruntil lightly golden now you will noticethat the indentions may pop up if theydo use a teaspoon measure or some sortof spoon to push them back down and keepthem indention there a lot of peoplelike to put Jam there so this doesn’thappen but I actually like to fill mineafterwards so I have more options we’lltalk about that a second what those aredone baking pull them out and place themon a wire rack to cool now we can talkabout fillingsnow you can fill these with just aboutanything you want you can use achocolate ganache you can use any jamthat you want now I’m not gonna talkabout how to make a jam because Ialready have a video for that which willbe in the link of the description aswell you can make a lemon curd whichI’ll show you how to make so basicallyto make a super simple lemon curd you’rejust gonna take half a cup or 118millilitres of fresh lemon juiceactually used Meyer lemon juice for thisand you’re gonna place it on a mediumsized pot along with one tablespoon orfour grams of finely chopped lemon zesthalf a cup or 115 grams of granulatedsugar three whole eggs and half a cup or115 grams of cold unsalted butter placethat over medium-low heat and just keepstirring constantly do not stop and it’sand there’s suddenly just gonna hit thisextra thick miss and once it gets niceand thick understand that it’s gonna geteven thicker as it cools so go ahead andpull that out and strain it into acontainer ideally over an ice bath tocool while it’s cooling I like to dropin a bag or two of chamomile tea justgive it some oomph you know chamomileMeyer lemon curd fancy that sounds fancyand lastly you could just make it verysimple icing which is just two cups or246 grams of powdered sugar and thenyou’ll justto add a little bit of milk a tablespoonor 14 milliliters at a time until itreaches the desired consistency you candiet colors if you want to be fancy youknow it’s what my family used to do whenI was a kid so I just do it for anostalgia reasons not a huge fan of thefood coloring but hey family in theStahl Joe alright leave me alone by theway traditionally these cookies aresupposed to be filled with raspberry jamin case you’re wondering so we’regetting all kinds of not traditionalvery sorry sweetened I took some of mypreserved lemon that I had in therefrigerator just chilling out and Ibrewed want and mixed it together withsome apricot jam and that was a fire broalright so don’t be scared use any ofthese feelings you want mix and matchhave fun with it now what’s your coolkeys are nice and cool you’re then goingto fill it with whatever your desiredchoice of filling is also if your jam istoo well jammy to spoon it out like thisyou can always just warm it up just atiny tiny bit so it’s a little morefluid so you’ve got it thumbprintcookies it’s very simple but you knowthis is a quick hot and fast one but doyou want everyone else is hot and fast[Music][Applause][Music]alright guys and that is it so we’vemade thumbprint cookies the classicholiday tradition for me at least in ayou know they’re just so simple and easyto make somebody makes the ballshaha balls yeah I know somebody gets twothumb print them it’s fun rightI’m gonna be changing my content alittle bit moving forward I want to domore diverse videos I’ve talked a littlebit about this in the past but I’ve justbeen kind of crazy and busy and I’m notusing that as an excuse but you knowI’ve been kind of putting it on the backburner but just not just for me but foryou guys I don’t want to just do thesame style where I open the freakingcabinet I’m just trying to betransparent with you nothing too crazywe’re still gonna be doing our videosthat you will have always gotten but Ineed to I really need to add on to itit’s just creatively I want to do moreand I don’t know I guess I just wantedto express that to you guys and just letyou know there’s that that’s coming soonyeah if there’s anything in particularthat you want to see that it’s just likeway out there to let me know because Iwant to know where the interest lies asI’m developing these new things okay Ipromise you guys I would talk about itat the end so I’m tired of you guysmaking fun of me because my Instagrambio has said website coming soon fromrural use so I teamed up withSquarespace to finally do the darn thingSquarespace gives people a beautiful andpowerful website builder you know whatas a matter of fact I’ll give you alittle sneak peek at the website you canchoose from tons of designers andaward-winning templates these arecreated with the typical browser andmobile apps in mind so it makes theirtemplates not only beautiful but modernyou know over half of my audience ismostly on their mobile phone and eachSquarespace website has its own built inmobile website perfect for browsing yourwebsite on well a phone so if you go toSquarespace comback slash b-roll that’sright you will get a free trial and 10%off your first purchase from me andSquarespace to you we love you we kissyou many kisses thank with that said ifyou enjoyed this video or you learnsomething then leave a like subscribeand I will see you next time[Music]

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