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RAMAVLOG DAY 7 | making lasagne for Iftar, baking cookies + revising while fasting 🌙

ramavlog day 7 is here! helping mum prepare Iftar with a lasagne and somewhat baking by putting Costco cookies in the oven! Enjoy
Thank you all for the ongoing support and love! I am thankful for every single one of you on here who watch my videos and enjoy them. I consider you all my friends and family ♡

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Video Transcription

so we do an Asian twist twist I knowwhat you asking for it you’re dying forit come on guys is 3:15 and I’ve alreadyhad a breakdownJoanne I know why I’ve had a breakdown[Music]there’s no about picados I don’t knowwhat I’m gonna eat excuse me ask youlast night well I want to make a changeat all Mina brought it so I don’t knowwhat I’m gonna eat amazingwe hate see it but I think I’m gonnamake a protein smoothie and just half Ijust have egg and toast yeah we all knownegative I’ll probably just have makingtoast my brother no I got you that onemy mom got me my favorite bread which isthis oneit’s the only bread that toasts to myliking like my bread has to be properlytoasted why am I talking so much[Music][Music]voilayou would be mate Nanni’s metamaterialmy god good morning guys it is day sevenI’m not sure what day it is of Ramadanby just doing some makeup I actuallywash my hair today and straightened itand I’m surprised at how long it’s goneguys like I’m shocked mom and dad havegone oh I think they’ve gone to getgroceries I’m not sure whether they’veactually gone probably to get groceriesmost likely and I’m just doing my makeupdon’t ask me why don’t ask me why I justfind it to be relaxing and like if Idon’t do my makeup I’ll just stay in bedand not want to do anything the plantoday is to actually get a lot ofrevision done it’s Friday today I wantto do a lot of revision because I feellike I haven’t done anything in the pastfew days which I haven’t gonna be a bitmore productive today so I’m gonna get abit of revision done today that’sobviously gonna prepare if tyre today Iwant to help him I’m out because I feellike she’s always always rushed off herfeet so today I’m gonna heart mum outwith iftar I’m gonna look crazy for thenext few clips guys because I always letmy concealer sit I remember that we helpthose those Costco cookie so we got youjust put in the oven so I think I’m justgonna make those for the evening becauseI am craving something sweet but leaveme a comment below how are you guysdealing with isolation I was about Idon’t know but conceal oh my I trying tostudy when you’re in isolation is sohard like I am loving so much motivationhence why I haven’t been studying forthe lastyou days but also fasting on top of thatis even more difficult and I wasthinking of doing a video where I taughtyou guys about tips and tricks forstudying and revising while you’refasting because I know a few of myviewers are in the same position as meand have things to revise for andthey’re still studying right now whilethey’re fasting so if you guys wouldfind that helpful then let me know inthe comments below yeah I don’t want tobe too hard on myself cuz I literallystart to drain energy and then it won’tbe productive until my fast opens whichis kind of the case at the moment like Ifind I’m more productive and I study badonce I’ve had some food obviously forobvious reasons I’m still gonna try anddo something before fast opens today I’mhonestly just gonna blend in myconcealer and put a bit of bronzer andmascara on and get to work because whyam i doing my makeup actually I mightfeel so should I put eyeliner on oh mygod I hate myself[Music]so we do a twist to itokay guys mommy’s back to the shop and Ihave a little hole for you so she gottwo of these cheese and onion bakesthese are the Gregg’s ones I personallydon’t like these compared to the actualGreg ones I think they’re like reallycheesy but my dad likes them so thoseare for him and then tonight while wehaving mom lasagna yes Daniel you twomonsters not even eat so she just hadthe keema mints and then she has potatoon top and that’s it because I’m notgonna like shine again when I come inthe kitchen because she doesn’t eatdairy products like she’s allergic soshe makes her own little shepherd’s piething and we have this onion so shebrought nizamiah she and what else didyou get the two sources we have thewhite sauce and the red sauce both fromthe doll neo brunch there are theybefore the how long please come outthey reach online they’re not on okayperfect in that crime then they also got machines to put in the mint andthen it you can have that sounds justpreparing the team are now I don’t makeit the normal way I’ll give it like anindentation so other than the farm andeverything in so at the moment we justhave chilies onions oil and the mincecooking together and we use chickenmince because I don’t eat red meatso we’re just gonna carry on preppingthe lasagna now the chemo takes aroundhow long not like an hour or two hoursit takes like an hour to cook so oncethe chemo is cooked then we can startassembling and getting it all readyputting the lasagna sheets andeverything but I’ll film all of thatwhen we do it I’m going to put someonion ginger and garlic paste you canuse fresh but I’m gonna be lazy we’relazynobody put Braille because when this joyis yours I’ve ever uses I love nothingyou said before let me see how much isin there Oh what is that today mumdoesn’t know this but I’ve decided thatwe’re having the cooking I do notbelieve but most likely I’m just gonnashove the cookies that I got from Costcobut the vaudeville screens haven’t seenthat day yet I’m gonna put those cookiesin the oven and we’ll have them becauseI really want cookies like fresh-bakedcookies that smell I’m gonna have icecream with it because I have my favoriteice cream hold on guys I’ll show youprobably not gonna be able to find it inthe filmit’s there have it with my favorite icecream the haagen-dazs strawberrycheesecake my god mom showed me thereokay guys we haven’t been filming but weare just layering the lasagna now we’reon the last one so I thought I just filmus doing the last layer so we’ve got youmore the cheese the sheets the whitesauce and the key we can do really youcan do it anyhow it doesn’t reallymother[Music][Applause]you either go big or you go home okayguys my masterpiece is done I’m gonnashow you what it looks like I put a bitmore extra cheese on the topit’s quite big so this is gonna feed afamily of six so that’s why I said bigokay guys so that’s gonna go in the ovennow on gas mark 6 for like 15 minutesand an adult to do it for you because wedon’t want to burn ourselves and I’llshow you guys what it looks like whenit’s done but what I’m gonna happen itmum um do you want veggies and so okayit’s a carp first yeah well I’ll havevegetables with it but everyone else apup but you have carbs maybe I’ll have alittle bit of cops treat myself hey guysI found it here they are so if you don’tsee from the last vlog I think it wastwo dogs ago we got these cookies fromCostco and to 60 minutes but do youthink they’ll not smell a bit cheesy ohfive videos we will come back she wantsdoors are open so what we gonna do nowwe just need to wait and we’re makingsighs we’re making wedges and we’re alsomaking you want symbolic grab your otherbeans as well this garlic of coursewe’ve got bread oh my god I forgotbut we’re gonna make garlic bread wedgesI’ve got the cookies out it’s all goingto pan still don’t plan on the bakingtray ready ready for after what I needto put them in quick quick quickguys me and mum are just serving it upeveryone’s getting a cookie so gettingtwo scoops of my favorite ice creamstrawberries cake ice cream I just madea tick-tock coffee how gorgeous is sheI’m gonna study but I’m also trying tocall my best friends really stuffed andtired and none of them are answering soI’m going to cut that gonna have mycoffee and do some work because I’mfeeling a little bit tired I’m not gonnalie and I haven’t been sleeping properlyso have a lot coffee didn’t sonic thebest idea that I’ve just been cravingone of these frappe coffees thetick-tock ones I love them I look shestarted having one every single daybefore Ramadan started I’m gonna do somework now because no one wants to answerme on FaceTime so[Music]

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