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Quarantine Day 1: Making cookies

Posting everyday until quarantine is over!


Thanks for watching!! Luv u guys!
-Skylar Dunn

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Video Transcription

hi guys I’m Skylar and since we’re inlike quarantine for the ghovat 19 I’vedecided I’m gonna bake okay let me warnyou when I bake let’s make sure but Ijust don’t do it okay anyway you don’tcare anyway we’re gonna bake todaycookies I didn’t tell my mom yet so sheusually doesn’t let me bake because it’ssuch a disaster but I’m gonna try bakingtoday so we decided make that we shouldmake so now I just mix us up you knowlast time I made cookies I forgot tosoften the butter so it was super hardand I kind of ruined that they were likemighty remember I made the doublechildren I made those novartis all fromthe butter so I was like trying to makethe dough I couldn’t make it because itwouldn’t like mix and hereso how’d you use a mixer after stuff Iwasn’t working so I just let it sitovernight and like a saran wrap thing soI’m gonna be doing a video every day tryto every day because of quarantine andI’m gonna be bored and there’s nothingelse to do because nothing’s really openmix this up okay so I mostly have my mixmix up but I decided that whisks aren’tvery thick so I started using a butterknife so I need the oven in my mix he’salmost done so my dough is mixed in myovenit’s almost preheated and before this Ihad no storage of my phones I rememberone day I spent like a whole day justtrying to make storage almost you knowwhat I’ll do I’ll add oneso anyway this morning I went on a bikeride like I think I biked around threemiles and there’s all my friends likethat was it tomorrow you go go bikingagain I wanted to see my friend that Ihaven’t seen in a while I called her shedidn’t answerthat’s pretty much itokay so I’m putting my first batch inthe oven but can we all appreciate how Idon’t think the one chocolate chip onthe table is gonna do anything because Ithink it might knowoh shoot all the hot air just blew righton me I keep those in for movie size bigtime regular eight to ten minutes so Ishould plan for nine minutes kitchentimer nine start okay so I should okaythis is really hot okay so I shouldprobably have my next sheet readythat’s probably a good idea okay I’mgoing to do that this is super hot right[Music]my keys I was doing four by three famousbirthdays I think my name is Luke myname is not Luke by the way all right soI might ask it has to be a challenge atwo-person challenge what about yourselfokay but anyway I want you guys tocomment down belowno comment um I think it’s like there’sa cooking special or thing yeah cookingemoji yeah any kind of cooking movies oror comment cooking emoji yeah and I wantyou guys to comment on what you want myvideo for tomorrow so just comment downwhat you want me to do for tomorrow so Ijust took my first batch out of the ovenand nowalso comment down what you have I waslike doing research before and stuff Iwas gonna do like a closet cleaningvideo but I think I’m gonna wait to dothat until I’m switching my summerclothes out with my winter clothes cuzthat’ll be more interesting you guys some and my mom just tried one from thefirst batch she wanted to are they goodMA are they good though okay we thoughtthey’re good I think they’re good I likethem when they just come out of the ovenI like sometimes I like my mom likestate so she likes they’re really crispylike when they’re freshso right now Mother’s Day Mormon is itto the other one go so there’s lastbatch I put three chocolate chips at thetopokay so my final cookies look like thisand now me and my mom are gonna try themma can you try one of the new ones Ithought it was gonna be[Music]

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