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I am making cake in some cupcakes and some cookies

Hey guys

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Video Transcription

and given that’s how we live it don’t bemad at the system it’s simply how wethink[Music]oh I was just making a cake hi guyswelcome back to a new video shape tolike you can subscribe and share thisvideo with your friends and family andcomment down below that you want a newvideo today we’re gonna make a cake andside cupcakes for and let’s get startedI need to mix[Music]so now we’re going to make cookies gottafly to them get them in good shape higuys were back and we made a cake youneed some cupcakes and we made somecookies I forgot to tell you guys and Iinvited my brother right here to trythem with me so let’s try them and wegot icing so we can put on okay whichone you want oh I’ll go for okay I’ll gofor thisit’s got to hurt for ushow do we close it he’s thisupdate please wait just let me middleoh don’t use the green – I made a smileyface time to dry itmmm-hmm what does it looks opennow’s my chance with the cookie that’smy house my dream for the cookiethat is so good and I’m gonna the forcookie yeah it’s donal ice okay that’s ano brothersso when you put after this I’m gonna tryto kick you StanCheersdr. frost mom can you cut the cake[Music]thank you for the frostingmade a tapefor now on call me chef copánthat’s really good I like everythingdon’t know how do you think I did greatthey put the frosting on and it’s sogood yeah why my mom got the frosting[Music]mm turn some jewels againif you guys had fun watching this videomake sure to LIKE and subscribe andshare this video with your friends butfor family can wear out Cove in Turin

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