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Quarantine Baking // I make Bon Appetit Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Thank you so much for watching, I honestly have been watching too much BA and TikTok lately, so I decided to just like… make cookies!

Here is the recipe:


Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

you know what I don’t know if I’m gonnafocus I don’t have my glasses on so Ican’t see the viewfinder at all anywayshi um I haven’t made it you’ve beendoing like 2 years 3 years and that’swhat we call inconsistent oh my god Ijust looked them to be hard neck my hairthe master and yeah that’s what happenswhen you can’t go again because you’restuck at home and I do not trust anybodyto touch my hair so what I’m gonna dotoday is follow the bone Appetit recipeit’s not the BA best cookie just achocolate chip cookie recipe that theyhave on their website shout alike youknow my girl Claire soffits and ChrisMorocco and Molly and all of them shoutto the B Test Kitchen I create therethere’s a bad sauce yeah I want to be ata friend so what you’re going to needtoday is one cup of all-purpose flour3/4 of a teaspoon of kosher salt half ateaspoon of baking powder 3/4 of a cupor one and a half sticks for unsaltedbutter at room temperature 3/4 of a cuppacked light brown sugar 1/4 of a cupsugar 1 large egg at room temperature1/2 a teaspoon of vanilla extract and 1cup of semi-sweet or bittersweetchocolate chips so Hydra this is I havetwo bowls one has a flour baking powderand the salt and the rest of it goeshere so the sugar the butter the vanillathe egg go here and then I mix themseparately and then so what to have thisone ready which is the one with thesugar and the butter and the egg oncethe butter and the sugars fullyincorporated I mix it then into this andthen when that’s done I just put them inthe oven so I’m just gonna do that nowbeautifulbecause I am stupid and this would be somuch easier if I did it properly and youknow soften the butter a little bitsometimes I just realized how stupid Iam and it’s okay because I’m stupid andthat’s fine I’m trying to be afamily-friendly Channel no swearing youknow but this is making me upset yougotta wear masks and that I’m reallyjust mean cookies right now because Isaw someone I took talked my cookie andI was like hey I want cookies so I’mmaking them it’s a national black worksit should look something like did Ifigure out the chocolate chips add thosein now how can you have chocolate chipcookies without chocolate chips you justfold them in oh that means my ovensready its preheated it should look likethis that’s what it should look like myparchment paper that looks kind of uglybut you know what in the net place themin the oventhis is the timer for 15 minutes andthen there you go I’m gonna put away theingredients go I’m here[Music][Music]I’ll watch these and I think I’ll begoodso I’ll come back to when I have thecookies done um okay they’re gotten theyare done but I need them to like coolfor bed so before I kiss them I think Iwould buy more cute though they’re notthe cutest but it’s okay me neitherI have not to do this and you know whatthey are my childrenso I’m cooled down now and not thecutest it’s okay but as long as theytaste good that’s what matters righthmmoh yeah just watch itthere you go look at that oh wait i’mswatching it’s watching it come on thisone yeah look inside perfectthanks for watching I’m gonna try topost more cuz I’m home having no job inthe school so I have no excuse and Ireally don’t know where I want thechannel to go it might be a mix of gamesvlogs and all that there might just be abunch of nonsense honestly it’s probablygonna be a bunch of nonsense beginnerone that’s me I just make sense half thetime so thanks for watching you so guys[Music]

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