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COOK WITH ME~ I created my OWN COOKIE recipe ( THE BEST )

I hope you enjoy my very own recipe!! No need to buy your Subway cookies😂. Make delicious cookies with me, in the comfort of your home. People will smell the enticing aromas and will queue up, just to try would you have made!
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– 1 cup Self Raising Flour
_ 1/2 cup Sugar
– 1 cup sultanas
– 1 cup oats
– 1 egg
– 1 tablespoon honey
– 90g white chocolate
– 125g butter

1) Put in a large bowl the flour, oats, sultanas and sugar and mix.
2) Melt half the chocolate and chop whats left for later.
3) Melt your butter
4) Combine the meted butter and chocolate, honey, and egg in the centre of the bowel and mix all together.
5) Place baking paper on a baking tray and place the cookie mixture on the tray ( in a circular shape ). Leaving space between each piece.
6) Bake cookies in oven at 170 degrees, until golden.
7) Allow cookies to cool and ENJOY!

Let us know what you want to see next!

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Video Transcription

[Music]early this afternoon okay this afternoonwe’re gonna make my very own recipe ofthe best cookies you’ve ever tasted thefirst first you’re gonna love ityep it’s very easy but you guys in ityou might call that little bit healthiernot really well you may be surprised bysome of the ingredients and delicious Iknow mm-hmm let’s have a lookfriends fresh ones pleasewell we have a guest a special guest heis not in thank you boywow we got a good we got good companyhere come let’s have a look this is ourchicken coop yeah what have we got hereeggs look at that yeah yeah are theythereOh Brandon a white one thank you verymuch chicken this is a silkie chickenChinese silky shiny silky well andhaving up these do we get every day umthree or four oh and on a good day wellI’ll be here collecting more chickeneggs and then which one do you know graba whisk and a bowl nice large bowlfirstly you want to add one cup of oatsinto the bowl you might want to come seeyouone cup of flour self-raising yeah halfa cup of sugar one cup of salt Ana’sokay and then what you want to do you’regonna get out your chopping board you’regonna get 90 grams of white chocolatecut it in halfcan you see you leave one half to bemelted so that we’re gonna melt this inthe microwave or proximate thirtyseconds or until it’s melted and thisone we’re gonna dice it up make sureyour hands are washed specially fromthis virus you want to make sure you’revery clean you have anything to addabout that mother you’re pretty goodsize mother told me wellall right so just this white chocolateis roughly chopped up you want to put itto the side next you want to get butter170 so you want to get 125 grams ofbutter let’s do that and you want us tobe melted it is quite a warm day here inAustralia as you like it’s melted andthe white chocolate is not it what youwant to do is you want to make a well inthe middleyou want to add the butter in the middleyou can see the butter you want to getone tablespoon of honey you want to putthat in as wellyou can go light on the honeythat should do it yeah I use a spatuladown okay and then you want to put thewhite chocolate in I’ll just give you alittle bit of a stir we’re gonna knowthe white chocolate goodness I can’tbelieve I made this all by myselfmm-hmm and we’re gonna give these toauntie Ashley not once they finish she’sgonna love themyeah and then on top of this you wannacrack one egg I’m gonna put it into theah let’s get myself actually into herewell done thank you you’ve been a littlelightly with good not too much and youwant to add that in as well after thatis done you wanna mix it all together[Music]okay now it’s coming together as you cansee I mixed it a lot what you want to dois you want to get a large tablespoon[Music]put it there what’s this paper sister ohI got a baking paper and touch it andthen put on sort of a baking dishI’m just roughly putting it out just soI can see how much that outfitokay guys I’m making into the roughshape of a circle make sure your fingersare wash please cuz that’s justdisgusting and I’m leaving space inbetween each one because they reallythey expand while they are cooking inoffice whatever either we’re gonna havea would have to try a novice 170 degreesgot it then you taught me well daughter[Music]because it’s not going to keep thatshape anyway yeahcome & get it forget about the insidethe confinement of walls we’re on theway to lockdownwell let’s hope it doesn’t happen thishappen you got a miracle some healthyyeah I know it’ll be a good thing we’llget people together families unitedunder one roof and all over the spreadyeah that’s pretty well that’s the wholepurpose of lockdown yeah absolutelyadd some for the sponsor now what do wedo crystal now with the roughly choppedchopped herbsoh I forgot about those you’re going tojust add them in you pissing down pressthem down no more than three largepieces maybe four but no more cuz isthere any chocolate inside of them sureyou’re gonna be deliciousnow if you’re one that doesn’t likesultanas you will be surprised likethey’re gonna love them you aremark my words you’ll find out yeah now[Music]it’s put in oven for 25 minutes on 170degrees so let’s go that’s how you wantit it’s gonna be hot gonna wait for alittle bit to cool down and then youwant to transfer it onto a shrink we’llgo back to when they cool down all rightthis is your day don’t you try this forme she’s gonna be happyand there we know what you think myselfhow many Day cookies for you like youhave to try these if you’re not a fan ofone thing there’s no bail man I don’tknow we’re gonna make it a penis hellyes okay they’re gonna be faith andspace soonyeah catch you lateryou

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