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Part one of making cookies

In the next video we’re gonna be showing the cake that we made in the cookies

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Video Transcription

hi my name is Annie and today we’regoing to be making cookies and we’realso making a cake in the oven now youguys will be able to see it in part twoof the next video so we also have aspecial guest today but you’re gonnafigure that out until we make thecookies let’s get on with it okay sothese are all the ingredients you needyou need pan chocolate chip cookies ofcourse you and your butter and eggs andalso you will need be needing a pan butwe don’t need it right now so and I’mgonna cover up the camera because ourspecial guest is going to be coming inthree two oneHailee’s you’re back again okay so I’mgoing to be explaining why lever I’mgonna be explaining all over Haleyactually makes it so because it’s gonnacrush the chocolate chips if you go walkpart to your guys you’re going to seethe finished product of the cake andalso you’re gonna see the finishedproduct it’s the cookies because thatdoesn’t take so long yeah and also inthe video after that we are going to bedoing surprise yes rice I don’t knowactuallyI don’t know okay we’re gonna be doingjust a successful in doing thatmm-hm okay so you need this to softenedbut not not melted just like soft youcan heat in the microwave ten seconds ata timethis one’s kind of soft but like it’shard on the interim and also wheneveryou’re cutting yeah so as you can youneed a whole stick of butter yes as youcan see if you’re making other stuff youneed the whole stick of butter forcookies but that’s how we’re making thembut if you can see like the little likewines versus like forChambal spins around and you can cut itwith a knife and there so you knowexactly how much you get so that’s justa little trick you can use I think mostpeople actually do that I’m gonna watchme make sure you watch me also make sureto wash your hands before you walk makecookies and after like with anything ifyou make anything or you touch anythingwash your hands for 20 seconds okay wellhere’s our beautiful Bowl okay so ourcake is baking right now and if you guyswill see a sneak peak of it I’ll showyou right now one there’s your sneakpeek make sure to go watch part two tosee the finished productokay let’s start making some cookies nowalso and our last videos we told youguys how to make pink drink and avanilla bean Frappuccino and I’m eatingone right now cuz I just made it yeahthis is really goodokay I didn’t make one but I know it’sreally goodI definitely go check that do you thinkthis is okay so just to make sure thatis soft enough I would put it in themicrowave for just 10 seconds and forjust 10 seconds and like like just lookin the microwave in case it startsmelting just take it out cuz sometimesit’s already softened and so you don’tneed to put it in for exactly tenseconds but I would still put it inthere umm yeah it really doesn’t matterokay so after you don’t put the thing inthere you have to tear that enough it’sa tear the plastic offmake sure that air the plastic off ormaybe somebody was gonna put it in themicrowave with it still on okay yes youtake it off and like lumpy what isreally okay so you gonna need a plate sotake it the plate you just put it onthere okay and I would just put it inthe microwave for five seconds sevensorry really Melton says put it in therefor like five secondsbut if he’s like yeah this is becausethis is coming up okay I’m not gonnashow the cake so so also a little tipguys whatever your softening butter Ijust want to tell you guys that whateveryour softening butter don’t melt itmelting and softening it’s totallydifferent cuz melting is melting it allthe way and softening is this whereyou’re softening and just sort of itokay so you know like also how do youreally know is that if whenever like Idon’t really know just go look it up onthat right yeah please put it in therefor five secondswhat did stop at you reapply to taste myhair yeah okay I think I think you knowlet’s go put it in the bookokay let’s go thereI need a paper towel also God if youhave any problems with making thesecookiesyes comment down below and we’ll try tofigure it out if we don’t just go lookit up cuz the Internet is here for areason you’ll be meeting your both yesyou do needs a whole and type of cookiesalso if you look on the back it says donot eat the cookie stop this bad for youokay now you need your you have to mixwith your hands but your hands kidsespecially the kids watching thiswanting to make cookies and then you’renot washing the hands and then you’reyou know it’s just eating it and goodokay scared okay let me just do it noI’m not good she’ll new I need to washmy hands cuz don’t this is what itshould look like because you haven’tstarted yet you can see the egg thebutter and then you know the power soAmericayeah but this is what you look like ifit does not look like this uhgo ask your parentsI know if you don’t if you don’t livewith your hands anymore that’s okaylook it up on the Internet okay no youwant you use a whisk no she said no shemeans like with your hands is not ablenderI’m gonna just whisk it up and then usemy hands okay okay it’s going to be alittle bit hard so yeah told you I needto use my hand oh my god letters on herego check on the cake leave it okayreally watch part two yeah you shouldreally watch part two kids okay I’mgonna do it with my hand I mean like youknow it’s on okay now I’m going to go inwith my hands put hey let’s bring thebowl I just told you to hold it and faceit it’s gonna fall Nooh it feels like I don’t know it’s okayfor him to get messy this there’s somehost I washed my handsmake sure you definitely wash your handsbefore this process also I have aquestion for you guys well uh she’smixing because um whenever he’s mixinghe got oh my gosh the camera just fellokaywhenever she’s mixing I want you guys tocomment down below which one do you likebetter cookies or cake cuz they’re bothdelicious well I think I think cookiesare more better cut yeah just take Ifeel like I just seen you stop talkingmy camera’s hamburger so it’s back tothe also we’re going to be doing acooking show in one of our videos andlike tomorrow something I know but umfor our surprise video I’m gonna guysgive you a hint what we’re doing oh andput your hair back so your hair doesn’tget it yeah definitely put it in a bunor just pull it back so it doesn’t getmad okay but um I’ll give you a hintwhat our special thing is going to beabout it’s going to be cooking so we’regonna be doing something related to cookmaybe breakfast maybe lunch maybe dinnermaybe something else maybe oh my goshthere’s a bunch of powder on the bottomyeah but don’t work so hard because Idon’t want the chocolate chips tookay whisk help me get off my hand justgo wash your hands no you don’t go downthe sink it’s gonna get stuck in thesink y’all get it okayno no no whisk her off my hands cuz I’mgonna do itno just let me knowyou shoulda never done that she said -no she said to use Wiz GI use your handswith the whisk not to actually use yourreal hands yeahsorry this is boring mix it okay she’llput some music and maybe I probablycan’t I can’tit’s nice aboard just skip through thevideo I’ll see you later okay bye hmmwait if you didn’t did you not skip okaynow let’s go back to the Bronx maybeprobably just one skip supperwhat’s your favorite YouTube who’s yourfavorite youtuber so comment down belowif who’s yours I have one yeah I likesomeone if you don’t know what this isthis is a roller this is a roller beforeit burns Noit’s kind of it’s done don’t burnyourself yeah okay can you bring the panover here make slime time cooking youjust want to mix them into little ballsabout how big you want your cookies solike those are medium-sized so they’regonna be meeting up size cookies if youwant like small cookies so you can justlike fit them in a bag or like you wantto bring them to school or something youdefinitely can just make them offsmaller if you want really babies makethem look big yeahalso you also a spatula I almost forgotthat but whenever they get out rightyeah they might not look like they aregonna get out but you these were gonnaknow ten minutes so you must actuallybecause sometimes the bottom is notalways cooked so you just want to lookcheck so you just like flip it over willclick or just check the bottom so youuse a spatula so you don’t burn yourshoes I’m gonna touch you know yourhandi is all of it you gonna put acooking sheet on NATO because yousprayed it on I asked her and she saidno because we’re gonna spray but she ohyeah I will use parchment paper paperthis is Troy straight I would definitelyuse it I will just definitely use itjust for like the safety of your cookiesyeah[Music][Music][Music]you can skip dude the video is kindgetting a little long so we’re gonnawe’re gonna do the part – yeah we’redoing part two but we’re gonna do like acouple moments I’m just her putting thecookies on there and then we’re going totop the video right there and it’s goingto be to be continuedwe’re also gonna slow these eggs awaycuz they’re all gone the cookies likejoined together like they get into eachother that’s really fun just cut them oryou don’t like that it really doesn’tmattermm-hmm it just matters like okay this isdone you may need two pans sometimes youdo have matters from the cookies youmight make like we’re gonna make use allof it so you may want to use like twopans like a smaller Park and just addyeah or you can just add that’s funnycuz there’s only a little bit what wejust don’t want to use a whole pangesture okay we are almost done and makesure you have to forget your spatula heyguys welcome back to my radioand sorry that is my cousin he’s in theother room trying to make a youtubevideoAbby what can you like helping okay Iguess okay okay that’s like okay how tomake your own stickers they’re homemadesticker and super easy if you guys wannasee monsters are made on my phone I’m atip-top sticker and there’s strawberrystruck me with a pink drink sticker fromStarbucks know since these cookies arewell done not done look it’s finewhateveryeah sorry um anyways okay we are goingto put these in part two soI make sure to LIKE and subscribe thevideo and she whatever just

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