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Making cookies with my mom (read desc)

In this video, I will be making cookies with my mom.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

what’s up guys welcome back to anothervideo be out daily here and today ohit’s my mom we’re going to be makingsome cookies here’s mom you can sit downif you wantmom here’s the cookies you made so farwho’s that Thai Thai one right here yeahI would lift it too high because eitherwant him to run yeah okay there whatkind of what holiday are these what arethey what it would have been fine hiDawawhat kind of cookie well thanks forIsraelis Easter eggs baked Morettithey’re not homemade sugar cookies butthey’re slave I think you guys can ifyou want you to make your own homemadeones but here’s this one you found thespots look coconuts yeah weeping offskind of draining there until your sleepof it okay so we’re gonna make you havea couple more to make so we’re gonnajust do our new designs here yeah and wegot some sprinkles over here I like tostand bake and do crafts yeah that’sright thing that’s my friend i playvideos that’s my thing okay don’t do toomuch because it goes a long way yeah howdo they tastegood videos done my mom lived her yawnI’m kidding all the video it’s not bad Itold her not to lick your hands beforeother video manson facing ugly heads youcan make some cookiesI’m making just like a total polka dotone like this and not putting it not putany blue yeah I’m just gonnadown it all over the place my lips whatyeah looks like a tie-dyed again thankyou have a couple more to make any othersprinkles I can use it what are yougonna do scratch of sprinkles out yeahso don’t put too much so you know whatsprinkles are made out of no those areSam knots and my lights and sugar wasyour sugar crystals people Sam yeahright can I have thatwait sugar crystals mm-hmm so basicallythey put basically sugar sugar with foodcolouring I just like my hands oh boywhat about food what about these farmsthe pearls so am I gonna striped one now[Music]take two eat all these couple days allwe have is blue and pink four colors butum if you guys have more colors feelfree to use your own colors but we’reusing pink and blue into that okay andyou could do the last onethat one’s soft yeah now you make thatone for me if you do just just I don’twant any sprinkles on it you gotta goremember you said go slow you could justdecorate that one if I’m out I don’t astops – yes frosting but no nosprinkle some sprinkles please and nottoo much frosting because it just itdrips any much maybe just kind of that’sa little too much strong okay and thenjust spread it around for me cuz we’redoneoh that looks cool yeah that’s a totaltie down one okay you see that one let’sshow the audience there’s one see oopsesmie true you just hold that what kindof turn purple put a like down below ifyou think these cookies taste good soyourself huh so meet us out what yourtown huh closer well to a minute we’llclean up the messwhat are you gonna do relax because I’mhome from school guys maybe I should tryone more yeah make sure they’re okayall right see you later

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