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Video Transcription

20 minutes all righty hi so today we aregoing to be attempting to may be famoussubway cookies so I created recipeoh nice my brother’s friend by the waybecause I still don’t have camera Ifound a recipe that he supports to beexactly like the cookies so theingredients are half a cup of granulatedsugar 1/3 cup of brown sugar oneteaspoon of salt 1/2 a cup of unsaltedbutter 1 egg 1 teaspoon of vanillaextract 1 and a quarter cups ofall-purpose flour 1/2 a teaspoon ofbaking soda and obviously chocolatethingiesum so the first thing I’m going to dobefore I even get the ingredients out ispreheat the oven sure I have to preheatthe oven to 180 degrees or until notmuch planning to do it to was coldokay that’ll do now let’s go ahead andget all the ingredients out okay so wehave all of the ingredients that we needhere today let’s start cooking shall weso Brandel a means to form somethinginto grains or particles so it’sliterally just sugar so that’s a bitembarrassingbut I mean you learn something new everyday so first step in a large bowl whisktogether the sugars salt and butteruntil paste forms with no lumps okay sowe need 3/4 3/4 of brown brown sugarnext 1/2 cup of granulated sugar likethat we really I didn’t wait next whywould it say to whisk together thesugars salt salt I didn’t know know weneed a saltokay so you just need granulated sugarbranch it upone teaspoon of salt now that we haveall of these sugars in the bowlit’s a melt the butter and put it inthis mixture Wowand then whisk it all together we need1/2 a cup of unsalted butter okay we’regoing to melt the butter oh my goshcebause oh good butter is melted addtrue mixture whisk together okay so nowwe have a nice granulated someone toldme the other thing that looks like atree but a guy from Melbourne made a topweek like the Taylor Street lyrics on itand he got copyrighted so they keepwasn’t allowed to sell the tops anymorebecause you’re living on it which islike fair enough but could you imagineif you got a copy of either but everytime he’s saying someone else’s songwith Jimmy and shillings I’m sorrythat’s actually copyright can’t singthat okay so now we have two wicks withweeks whisk in the egg and vanillaextract beating into a light ribbonsfall off the weeks before falling backinto the mix that just sounded that up :beat into light ribbons full of the risknor shall any way yeah an ugly oneokay next flower okay so we have to siftin the flour line baking sodathen fold in the big show with thespatulahalf a teaspoon you wouldn’t know itwell I’ve actually been attempting tofold this mixture for the past 20minutescould you imagine if I was of mastershipwhen they like come over to the deskit’s like check up on you it’s like anhour left and they’re like so how’swhat’s going nothing um I’m actuallystill mixing it surely there’s likeanother step because this is definitelynot how it’s supposed to look at allyeah now your English is good other thanminealright so now I’m going to go and get abaking tray juking on and then we willproceed to cook them I’ve got the TrainI’m going to put in oven for 12 to 15minutes to taste okay so they just cameout of the oven um okay so as you justsaw from that clip then just come out ofthe oven they don’t really look well Iwould call like a subway cook even morelike thick so I’m just gonna wait forthem to cool down and then we showed youthe tasters I’m actually really excitedbecause they smell really good thank youknow my whole family’s interrupting thisspeech so I’m just gonna stop speakingand just say they’re coming down I’mgonna try them soon okay so it’sactually a lot later in the day now nowit is time tipped it is time to test thecookies and see whether they actuallytaste anything like subway cookies I’msorry the presentation is does not looklike a subway cookie at all as I saidbefore um but I mean you know what andnothing so let’s taste it and see what aday’s workmike is not bad and you know what it’slike Subway cookies are like calls Ohbullies and this is like that Aldiversion do you get what I’m sayingso like they still good I’m still gonnaeat them but they’re not so quickly okayso this is the end of the video thanksfor staying so long if you’re still hereum give it a like and a subscribe if youwant to hey take that and go check outsome of my other videos as it wouldreally help me out and yeah I’m gonna goeat these so bye[Music][Applause][Music]


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