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Part 3# on how to make sugar cool cookies!

Bruh bruh 8mins later…

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

what our hello thing just finished updrying it we it took like an hour in 36minutesyou buy the play-doh and it’s fresh upthe ball like the jar because you knowhow you’re just rolling it in the okayand you want to do like evenly becausewe’re gonna be okay so I know how thatyeah like that’s what start doing righthere right you want to spread it yeahspreaded and so from here you gonnastart eyeballing how thick you’re gonnabe and the next episode we’re gonna doit pro instead of amateur no I thinkwe’ve got a good our dough it’s not toothick hold on- right – right – wayexcuse me oh sorry the fart mastersasleep bar shapes it and when you cut itdon’t do it in the center you’re like ata corner so we want so like this onewe’re here okay that yeah yeah stick itout and dip that againyou could do another one yeah I’d saythat’s so like this okay no no no waitwait you have to look at three stars ifyou have to put them at the edgesbecause if I put a bit on you up I haveto make sure your camera it’s notgetting your viewers dizzy right ohsorry sorry guys up we’re still amateursand if you hear a bear in the backgroundit’s not a bear it’s the what it onlyfart bastard which which transformed itto the snoring bastard not gonna like itthat you’re calling him that wayokay not so it’s actually a cake cuttersyeah okay it’s not really I’m not reallygood at baking that peeking is not likemy specialty I’m actually good at cookieMJ do I cook yeah no but because myfamily doesn’t make me uh-huhyou want to be careful you think you cando it maybe you need this tool to kindof like watch it what are your views[Music]about have to fast forward Wow let mejust make sure that I put the angleright yeahmaybe that it might be too thin but tryit right but when he woke you before Iknock you me once okay so you want totake off the excess I’m gonna take thisoff this side out setup no just like thedoor just pick it up just be careful Idid this was my cookie just broke Idon’t know why it’s doing this hold onlet me do it again oh no are actuallygoing toI likelook at itcooking spirit or baking baking ourbaking how do you baked anything beforewell yeah with my Baba cookies oh thosehash brown cookies with mom tell themabout yourself tell them what your alittle bit of fighting back room that myPaso like what do you do for a living Iplay video games should you go to schoolok so let me go ahead and take over thisI’m in third grade and my what are yourhobbies what do you enjoy the mostdid you use video games what kind ofgames you already told them what Gradywere in so yeah they’re gonna figure itout well they bite see oh maybe they’regonna say mmm that kid is like 13 andhe’s been a third third grade is thatworried or say reach yeah I don’t wantto see you buy a Katooh my god cuz you’re so old no okaymaybe physicsI think we should stick with the startI like the Stars better because I’vedone the Mickey Mouse head and there’snothing wrong with it uh it’s just sobig and like I like the one thing I likeabout the Stars is that each like youknow how it has like back like the fivecorner so when you’re doing it do thistour know what else I could do both nodude in the center yeah that’s fine I’llkeep rollingso so most likely because we don’t haveroom for only gonna have room foranother well I don’t know if they’regonna fitthey can’t nope just squeeze that allbutter start but you know what we don’twant to squeeze them in too close to oneof our because I stay fake Oh honestlybake they’ll start expanding and if theytouch one another they’re gonna getstuck with you know they’re gonna sticktogetherso a guy she tried you’ve turned offthem well your phone’s about to dietarget so we’re just gonna go ahead okayI’m gonna go ahead and just throw theseinside okay yeah and I’ll see you withthe foot episode guys or part board[Music]it was

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