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How to shape Spiced Crescent Cookies

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Video Transcription

I’d like to show you how to make spiced
crescent cookies. These are from ourlatest cookbook and a great cookie you
can make for all your events at home.They’ve got the addition of some nice
warm winter spices in them;we’ve got cinnamon cardamom allspice and
cloves and I’m gonna show you how toform them into a nice crescent. So, once
you get your dough ready, we’re going to useour 1 tablespoon measuring spoon just to
kind of portion them out so that they’reall the same size. Always important so
that they bake evenly so that everyonegets to cookie the same size. So, we’ve
got a few of them already formed. I’lljust do a couple here. Normally, just to
make sure we get a nice shape on them, westart just by rounding them off a little
bit. Again, that kind of makes a nicesolid exterior with no cracks in it and help
bake a little bit more evenly.So, I would go through, portion out
all of your cookie dough first, and thenyou could round it all off and then
proceed to making them into crescents. So,to do that, normally once you get into a
nice round ball, I’m just gonna roll themin between my hands again, but
more kind of making them into a log now.So, you want to try to get them fairly
even, if you notice one side is getting abit smaller you can just kind of focus
on the other side. You can roll themright on your pan a little bit as well.
Let’s try to get them all about the samesize. Now to get them into kind of a
crescent shape I’ll usually kind of putmy finger in the middle here and just
kind of give it something to bend around.Also, just to make it look a little bit
nicer, kind of pinch the ends on them andthen I’ll just kind of move them off to
the side. So, again, once we have our doughballs we’re just going to round it or
smooth it off into approximately atwo inch log. Try to make sure you get a
roll right in the middle there as well,Then again I just kind of put my finger
in the middle and Bend the cookie around it.Give it a little bit of a pinch
between my thumb and my index fingermove it off with the other ones. They
will kind ofpuff up a little bit in the oven so you
want to have them spaced out evenly. So,continue going through until you get
them all finished. They’re gonna bake ina 350 degree oven. Once they’re done
baking and you like to cool them off onthe pan for a few minutes, transfer them
to a wire rack and then these ones arealso going to get coated with icing
sugar. Makes a really nice kind of alittle bit of a glaze on the outside and
obviously gives them a nice sweet finish.Here we go, fresh cookies out of the oven
everyone loves that smell.So we bake these in our 350 degree oven
for about 12 to 14 minutes. We’ve justlet them cool off so now they’re just on
this warm tray. It has been about five orsix minutes, you want to be able to
handle these and make sure that theyfirmed up enough that they’re not going
to break when you pick them up. We’rejust gonna pop them in here, just a
matter of just kind of lightly coatingthem in that icing sugar and then over
on our wire rack to finish cooling off.Let’s make sure just a little bit of
warmth left in them will help that icingsugar really adhere nicely to our
cookies. This gives them a nice littlepresentation and obviously a nice sweet
finish as well. So go ahead and finishthose up and try not to snack on them
while you’re doing this part.Keep going with these cookies, we’re
going to get them all coated in ouricing sugar. It makes a nice little glaze
on the outside, all your guests andfamily and friends are sure to love
these, they’re a great crowd-pleaser.

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