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Hi guys!

Sorry we were late in posting! We have been very busy putting together some delicious treats for you all. We promise we will keep them coming!Today we made a no-bake cookies n’ cream cheesecake! It was made by our favorite person on the Tasty team, Alvin Zhou! Hope you guys like it!


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More About The Cupcake Cuties:
Our name is Jaeden and Jojo and we are known as the Cupcake Cuties!
We are both ten years old and we’re cousins who enjoy baking! Some say we act like sisters so we call each other the birthday twins since our birthday’s are 3 days apart. Other things we like to do is play Roblox, which is our favorite game and we totally love to read! We do have our differences, but at the end of the day we are always besties!

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music][Music]yeah that’s a little bit today as pleasesubscribe and like internal physiciansowand in our last we always like to saythat so but yeah yeah exactly that thisday in fortune yes hello darkness my oldfriend 36 36I’m Oreo cookies we gonna straight outthe cream andthen you’re gonna take cookie didn’tcrush them up but you’re gonna split themixture you need[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]so this is how when you’re done so nowpour your mixture into the pan[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]so do you wanna give a shout-out to thispersonthank you so much for subscribing andout of there please and for other peoplewho didn’t subscribe subscribe them andalso tips now and I like this video Ididn’t comment they shut down our momentso that’s greatanyways guys say oh yeah baby laughingand see you later okay we are


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