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Bake Cookies With Sofia | Cute!

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Video Transcription

welcome to my bonnet babe here Barnababe jr. just watching a DIY video sotoday I had this open because that’s whyI put y’all sometimes angles but I lovethis lighting and I was like let me dothe central over so let me tell you whatis actually going on today let me tellyou that while it’s so Christine busytoday is my Sunday it’s actuallySaturday but my week starts on Sundaysfor work so today I have been doingnothing but cleaning and organizing anddoing here and just trying to geteverything situated I had to clean myoffice space and everything like that soyeah it is currently 6 o’clock I’mwaiting for me to come back to bring thedinner and everything like that andnothing to do with this video but I justneeded to explain why I look the way Ilook ok I’m gonna get it together one ofthese daysnow this lady here it’s gonna belearning how to bake something easysomething quick so I’m gonna find a tothis video so uh also I have my tea backthere y’all have been drinking be likeit’s no tomorrow okay so this is the onethat I have here is the LiptonLucy decaf I made a mistake and actuallypicked this up I didn’t know it wasdecaffeinated but however I actuallylike it it actually is really reallygood and there’s no calories per servingwhich is greatthe audacityI’m talking anyway I also have thisslipped in and I greens here it ispurple our school siteblueberry which is also really good it’skind of that one is actually kind oflike little babies are they really plainand so that means I have to add a lot ofsugar I mean actually grow a lot ofhoney and I just rather not do that soI’ve enjoyed my start of this one Isqueezed some lemon a little bit of limea little bit of honey and take it goalas I don’t know what I was saying butI’m not to find an angle to put y’all upso we can get these cookies done so Ican get this video edited and I will seey’all after the intro[Music]

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