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Ms B and Quinn Make Cookies!

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Video Transcription

hi grade 4 and welcome to our kitchentoday Quinn and I are going to makecookies Quinn doesn’t really likecookies but he agreed to participatejust for this video I like cookies quickwhat’s the first thing we need to do weneed to get the ingredients we need toget all of our ingredients ok so this isabout the first recipe I ever learnedhow to make and it only requires simpleingredients for this recipe we need somemilkwe need vanilla extractwe need ult’s and coconut but if youdon’t like coconut you can just add moreoatswe need salt granulated sugar butter ormargarine but I prefer butter and cocoapowder before we start doing any cookingand touching the ingredients it’simportant that we wash our hands sowe’re gonna go ahead and do that nowfourth grade we also need to get out thethings that we’re going to need to helpus measure and the things that we’regoing to cook in for this recipe soQuinn we need a saucepan I already gotthat out can you please get up thekitchen scale and a metal mixing bowlfor us and I’ll get out the measuringcups and we read the recipe carefullyall the way through before we doanything and so we’ve got ouringredients out already and what are theinstructions saying Quinn yeah so weneed to find something with baking paperbecause that’s what we’re gonna drop ourcookies on toit’s in a large bowl we need to combineoats and coconut okay we need three cupsof oats and one cup of coconut and thisis a one cup measureyouexcellent okay now these are our dryingredients we could even just get ourhands in there and kind of mix themtogether like this because we alreadywashed my hands okayand now we’re going to get ready all ofthe things that are going to go into oursaucepan it’s like to measure my butterusing weight I know that a half a cup ofbutter weighs a hundred and thirteengrams because I googled it and Google’salways right so we’re gonna open up ourkitchen scale and we’re gonna press thewe’re gonna press the scale until it’syeah so it’s way too much right so whatwe’re gonna do is we’re actually gonnaput the saucepan right on top of therecan you take the better off for a secondwe’re going to put the saucepan right ontop and then we’re gonna do somethingthat’s called tear in your scale so youpress it again it’ll go back to zero andit’s only counting the weight of yourbutter so how are we gonna add ourbutter we know there’s 200 grams hereand we need 113 grams we cut it are yougoing to need more or less than halfwe’re gonna need a little bit more thanhalf right so you’re gonna need to get aknife and do that[Laughter]you117 grams you know what we’re gonna callthat close enough now we need 2 cups ofgranulated sugar why don’t you put thosein while I put the butter away it’salways a good idea to clean up as you goand then you don’t end up with the babywell Quinn’s doing that I’m gonna getready 1/2 a cup of cocoa powder theproblem is I only have 1/4 cup measuresfourth grade if I wanted to measure outhalf a cup but I only have a halfquarter cup measuring cuphow many quarter cups are in half a cupquit how many quarter cups are and howthe cup to do well done I’m going to putin two quarter cups of cocoa into mysaucepanfractions are useful great for thatlooks pretty good yeah and we needanother cup of sugar sugar is not ahealthy choice but it sure does tastegoodyoumy hand okay all right great and fourthgrade it calls for salt but I usedsalted butter so I’m not gonna use awhole quarter teaspoon of salt I’m justgonna put in a little pinch saltgenerally makes things taste a littlebit better but you don’t want to put intoo much because you don’t want yourdesserts to be saltyokay great for these our stovetopcookies which means that we need tobring our mixture to a boil over theheat you can see how red-hot this iswhich is why I’d like for you to have anadult’s help you if you’re going to makethese cookies it’s important to that I’musing a spatula to stir your Quinn’sgonna do it in just a second for me it’simportant to use a spatula because youwant to make sure you’re gettingeverything off of the bottom of the panso that it doesn’t burn sugar when itburns does not smell good and it doesnot taste good so I’m trying to get mybutter melted as quickly as I can sothat the cocoa and the sugar are notsticking to the bottomjust make sure that you don’t touch thepan on the pans gonna be hot you want toget right down to the bottom there andmake sure that you are scraping thingsoff the side and scraping the things offthe bottom so nothing burns okayyoubut it’s starting to bubble which meansit’s going to start to boil students wewant to make sure that we’re stirringpretty vigorously yeah get all the wayaround so you’re getting everything offthe bottom okay now stop just for asecond let’s see is it boiling yet ifit’s boiling you’re gonna see lots ofbubbles coming to the top it’s notboiling yet so keep goingyouthat’s tiring this stuff huh yeah youhave a sacrifice to make deliciouscookies you don’t mean to do it Ferb itQuinn’s only willing to sacrifice somuch apparently it’s not even boilinggood slackeryouokay now you can tell it’s boiling youcan tell it’s boiling because you cansee it bubbling up in there so now thatit’s boiling we’re gonna let it do thatfor two minutes we’re gonna make sure wekeep stirring itokay great for we’ve been bubbling awayfor around two minutes here you do wantto notice that your mixture should get alittle bit thicker that’s an importantpart to these cookies so now I’m gonnatake it off the heat quitting can youturn the stove off please here greatand once the stoves off you want to makesure that you don’t touch it again foranother couple of minutes because it’sgonna still be really hot now what we’regonna do you can do either you can dothis one of two ways you can either pourall of your bubbling liquid into theoatmeal mixture or you can do theopposite you can pour the oatmealmixture into the bubbling mixture youwant to pour it this in here okay don’tget too close to that pan yeah okay youpour an austere there we gookay now this is a part we have to dokind of hard or not come apart and kindof fast because the mixture is going tostart to harden up so Quinn can you getout a big tablespoon well eight tablesthere okay just a big spoon okay and youcan see that it you want to keep mixingit until there aren’t any parts that areuncoated the last I have this thing on atrivet and trivet as what you call thething that you put underneath hot pan sothat it doesn’t burn your counter youwant to make sure that you do thatbecause your mom will be mad or your dador your landlord if you burn theircounter or kiss counter service that’sup okay so now that it looks like thiswe’re going to start topeople’s and drop them onto a bakingpaperyouokay now comes the hard part and the notso fun partwaiting and cleaning it’s always fun todo the baking not always so fun to dothe cleaning right quick but it’simportant to help with the cleaning tooso we’ve already done most of thecleaning but we’re going to go ahead andfinish tidying up the rest of thekitchen together that means wiping downthe counters and making sureeverything’s put away and not justeating the little bits on the side ofthe cookies you need to wait until thecookies get hard that should take abouthalf an hour and then you can store themin the fridge and eat them when you’reallowed to don’t eat too many but a veryvery sweet I think our cookies are donebecause they’re all hard and I can pullthem off the paper really easily I’mgonna taste one I tell you how it tastesoh that’s really goodthat’s really good

4 Replies to “Ms B and Quinn Make Cookies!

  1. This is by far my most requested recipe and I wanted to share it with you guys! I hope everyone is staying safe right now and I’m hopeful we’ll be on the other side of this thing soon. If you make this recipe, please let me know in the comments or tag me on instagram @sharilynscookiestudio – I’d love to hear what you think!

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