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Video Transcription

hello everyone I’m mrs. Sutter Leigh andtoday I’m going to show you how to makeone of my favorite sweet treats fromwhen I was younger and that’s chocolatepeanut butter oatmeal no bake cookies sothey’re super delicious and easy and youdon’t even have to turn your oven on soto get started into our pot here we aregoing to add two cups of regular whitesugar we are also going to add threetablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powdernext we are going to add half a cup ofmilkthen we’re going to add threetablespoons of peanut butter it can becreamy or crunchy whichever you preferand then last we’re going to add half acup of butter which is one stick nowthat we have all of the ingredients inour pot I’m going to take this over tothe stove and I’m going to heat it to aboil I’m going to stir until all theingredients are melted and incorporatedand then I’m going to let it boilwithout stirring for a minute and a halfand once I’ve done that I’ll bring itback and I’ll show you how we finishthese all right so now that my mixturehas boiled for a minute and a half I’mgoing to stir in three cups of oats bevery careful as they’re doing thisbecause this mixture is still verythought I’m also going to stir in ateaspoon of vanilla extractand we’re just going to give this a bigstir until all of the oats are allcombined with that yummy chocolatepeanut butter mixturealmost thereI wanna make sure I don’t see any morewhite from the oats all right that looksjust about perfect so now what I’m goingto do is I’m going to carefully slidethat over onto a piece of wax paper thatI just set onto a cookie train I’m goingto take a couple of teaspoons and I’mgoing to scoop out about a teaspoon ofthe mixture and I’m going to drop itonto my cookie sheet like so using myother spoon to slide it off becauseremember it’s really hot so I’m justgonna keep doing this until I have usedup all of my oat mixture and it’s okayif some little bits drop out you canjust kind of scooch them back into placeAdam do another cookie or just leavethem wherever they fall that works tooand just keep going once you havedropped all of your cookie mixture intosome nice neat piles onto your wax papermake sure you let them cool completelyand once they’ve cooled completelythere’ll be a nice set up cookie andyou’ll have a delicious no baked treatto enjoy have a great day

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