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How to Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies

Mrs. Hebeler and Mason welcome you to our kitchen as we help our class talk about the different steps we took to bake chocolate chip cookies!

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Video Transcription

hi guys I certainly do miss you it’svery weird talking to you on a videocamera but this whole week we’ve beenworking so hard on reading how-to bookswriting team up the things that you’rereally good at you’re an expert at towrite your own how-to and so to make itfun because it’s Friday and it’s funFriday Mason and I are going to makesome chocolate chip cookies we’ll seehow this goesremember he’s won this could go poorlybut it’s rainy outside I love to be inmy kitchen and I wanted to sharesomething that I am really good at withyou we’re gonna let Mason play with theclosed bag of chocolate chips right nowso that he doesn’t get into all of myother ingredients but I’m gonna show youthat when you’re making a how-to or yourtongue all this stuff it’s important todo every single step even if you thinkpeople might already know so I’vealready done two really important thingsMason and I have washed our hands and wepreheated our oven to 375 degrees so wowthat’s pretty eating I’m gonna tell youeverything we have here and we’re gonnago ahead and get started so to makechocolate chip cookies you need to havea pan and a cooling rack now I putparchment paper in my pan so that mycookies don’t stick on my you alsodidn’t have a couple of bowls one forall of our wet ingredients are stickyingredients that’s heard by others whenyou go and one for all of our dryingredients like flour and then I’mgonna tell you what you need you needtwo sticks of butter my trick is youhave to get it nice and soft so I leftit out all day and I cut it up intothirds so that I have nice good butterready to go ahead and beat together andit betteryou need vanilla two eggs some salt andsome baking soda one piece teaspoon ofeach 3/4 cup of granulated sugar that’sthe white sugar 3/4 cup of brown sugarand though guys are you and a quartercup up so let’s get started alright guysthe first thing that we have to do is wehave to mix all of our dry ingredientstogether and when I do this I’ve learnedlots and lots of secrets from my grandmawhenever I make cookies and so I use asifter which is like this and it getsall the flour sifted through it makes mycookies really really fluffy so hold onone second because I think makes themthrough the chocolate chip bag on thefloorlet me grab it alright so what we’regonna do is we’re gonna slowly slowlypour my already measured two and aquarter cups of flour and all I’m gonnado is I’m gonna hit it on the side of myhand and you’re gonna it looks like whenit’s snowing like when I had it snow onyour gingerbread houses guys using thepowdered sugar but this time it’s flourthe flour is what keeps our makes ourcookies stick togetheroh and Mason just threw my chocolatechips again that’s okay but you’re gonnamake it work and when I do this I’m alsogonna add in my baking soda and my saltwe want to kind of mix it all togetherand I already pre-measured all of it soI’m gonna go ahead and pour that rightin I will say guys it’s really importantif you decide to help your family in thekitchen I think that’s awesomebut you better be helping with thosedishes too maybe it’s just drying themmaybe it’s helping and putting them awayor taking all the dirty dishes to thesink but I want to see you guys helpingout as well Mason can’t help right nowbut he will be when he gets your age Ipromise okay so this part takes a lot ofpatience if I hit it too hard it’s gonnafly everywhere and then I have a hugemess to make and clean up Mason yeah Iknow I’ll give this to you when I’m doneMason because when I’m doing this Istill have a lot of flour left this isgonna take forever guys that’s okaywe’ve got a lot of timeyou listen really carefully you can hearthe rain coming on our house and thatmeans we are not going outside right nowwe did take our walk walk earlier todaybecause it’s so important to get outsideand move our body and make sure that weare you join us right here Mason hey youdoing buddyare you watching all right so this partis all done and now it’s time to work onour wet ingredients are stickyingredients all right guys I move thingsaround a little bit my dry ingredientsare right here they’re ready to goMason’s watching himself right now soyou think can you wait no I am going tomix together a couple of things I’ve gotmy two sticks of butter that I’vealready cut in the pieces so I’m gonnadump that in I have my 3/4 cup of whitegranulated sugar and then I’m gonna pourit in that’s what of course makes ourcookies nice and sweet right and I have3/4 cup of brown sugar that I’m gonna goahead and pour right in that’s whatgives it nice and sticky okay now thelast thing that we need to add is we’regonna add one teaspoon of vanilla now weall like vanilla ice cream and we likevanilla cookies and all the types ofthings but vanilla extract you do notwant to drink or eat it’s not sweet it’snot good for you but it makes yourcookies taste good after they’re beingdone baked so I’m gonna very carefullyget out my teaspoon and I always checkto make sure I have the right onebecause my teaspoons are labeled so thisone’s have one teaspoon and I’m gonna bevery carefully pour it oh the way itreaches the top and dump it right in nowMason wants it he totally does so here’smy trick I’m not gonna put my eggs inyet I’m gonna beat this all together andthen before I add in on mybut you don’t want to eat becausethey’re not good for you I’m gonna pullout a little bit and I’m gonna give itto me sit so it’s raw cookie dough butit doesn’t have any be eggs definitelynot healthy but it might be nice littlesweet treat that was my aunt Christie’sfavorite thing we called them antithesescookies they were just the cookie doughwithout the egg so and Mason reallywants it so we’ve got to get this goingI have my mixer over here I’m gonna goahead and plug this and I’m gonna reallymix it together but I’m gonna go movingup to the camera right now here’s whatit looks like and then I’m gonna go mixit and I’ll show you the after afterwords and it starts a little like thecolor a cookie dough or sure but Iforgot that I have this entire bowl ofdry ingredients what I have to do iswhile I’m mixing it I’m gonna slowlypour in my dry ingredients just a littlebit at a time so that it mixes alltogether that’s what’s gonna help makeup cookies go from ball like rollinginto a cookie dough ball into flattensand rise when they’re cooking in theoven so I’m gonna go ahead and startdoing this and then Mason’s gonna gethis sweet treat all right guys all of myflour is in my next step would be to putmy two eggs in here and take them one ata time now I have all of this in hereand I think it’s really fair that wegive Mason a little bit of a try soyou’re gonna Mason let’s see if you likeit we’re gonna put a little bit here tokind of distract him just a little bitit’s either gonna go on his mouth at onetime or he’s probably gonna throw it onthe floor to death the dog the goodthing is there’s no raw egg in it rightnow so he’s gonna just enjoy thischocolate chip cookie dough for a momentI’m gonna go ahead and crack my egg I doone at a time so I’ll go over I’ll beatit for a little bit cracking everyoneand then we’re gonna start rolling theminto balls and putting them on our sheetokay I was all ready to roll these inthe balls and put them on my bakingsheet and then I forgot something reallyimportant um the chocolate chips Masonhas been over here begging for somecookie dough but I can’t give him anymore because there’s egg in here sowe’re gonna give him some chocolatechips he’s never really hotter before Igot there firstI know the recipe I usually use onlycalls for two cups of chocolate chipsbut when you have a whole bag the wholebag goes into my cookies I like a reallychocolaty so turn them all in and thenusing my spatula I’m gonna slowly foldthese in looks like Mason likes allthose chocolate chips maybe I shouldtake a couple out for him just in caseoh no no Mason did you drop would youguys he’s certainly got a chocolate faceI think that he’s really gonna likethese cookies when they’re all done sowhat I like to do after these are allmixed in is I like to use um a littlescooper and it looks a little mini icecream scoop to make my chocolate chipcookies now I didn’t always have thesesometimes it just didn’t meet again butwhen I do these they all end up the samesize so what I like to do is I get a bigscoop this is where your hands getstickyyou put it in your hand pieces and youroll it around and you put it right onthe parchment paper okay so when you putthem on the parchment paper you got tobe really careful that they’re not tooclose to each other because if youremember chocolate chip cookies don’tlook like big huge balls of cookie doughthey go black they even they’re in theoven they flatten out into big circlesif they’re too close to each otherthey’re going to stick together and wedon’t want that to happen so this isgonna take a long time it’s gonna takeme a while to bake them I only use onebaking sheet at a time and so I get onetotally full it usually has about 12 andthen I put it inEvan for nine to eleven minutes now thisis the hardest part you can’t make timethe only faster but you want thechocolate chip cookies we have to bepatient and so Mason I might sit rightin with the oven line on and watch thembake that’s my favourite parts a littlebit of science working all that flourand baking soda really helps it beadding the egg in there too so I’m gonnafinish this all up and then I’m gonna goahead and put them in the oven I’m gonnastop my video for right now I’m gonnawash my hands get my cookies in the ovenand the next time I start my video I’myou pulling them out and letting themcool now of course I can’t eat themright away they have to cool when theyget onto that cooling rack otherwiseyou’re gonna burn your mouth in thehands and then you’re not gonna enjoyyour chocolate chip cookies so bye fornow and when I see you next time I willhave peace okay guys my timer is goingoff so it’s time for me to get thecookies I’ve had to add a couple extraminutes here and Mason of course is verycurious so give me a moment let’s turnoff our timer and Mason thought I’d Ryanare cooling that what I now mine allstuck together but that’s okay it reallyreally is if you notice also really faraway from Mason and Mason I need to takethis back now but what I’m going to dois I’m gonna get out another tool it’sbetter granite spatula but this onehelps me so that I don’t touch the panand Mason rightI’m going to use it to kind of cut andgently put my cookies on the coolingrack I always say at least five minuteson the cooling rackof course Mason is totally ready to pullit and then in a moment because I’m kindof curious about this – we’re gonna letMason be the test taster yeah I did messthat up all right so give me a momentlet’s let these cool and don’t worryguys I’m gonna write a book about how tobake chocolate chip cookies next to meand you’ll get it all said to you guysso you can see my book – all right allright guys Mason is ready to lose itgot some of this so let’s see I’ve beenpulling on it for a while let’s see whathe does go for it dudeis it too hot is it just right what doyou think I’m gonna dry theseya know the great cookie alright guys itwas so fun to share this with you Iabsolutely loved baking in my kitchen Ilove that I get to share it with Masonand the rest of my family and then Ihave a whole bunch of chocolate chipcookies I can’t wait to see what youguys choose to do with your own familyit doesn’t have to be anything crazy orhard maybe it’s just making a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich but it wasreally fun to share this with you Ithink that was really good and I willsee you guys later byemusic can you wait yeah bye guys

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