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Making Sprinkled Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies

We made Sprinkled Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies. These are easy and are yummy for your tummy.

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ingredients to Make Cookies (see below):

Smuckes Magic Shell Choclate

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Video Transcription

I have to handle DIY treats my kids andtoday we’re gonna make us free cocoa orchocolate Oreo cookies a makes YouTubetrap should strap right down hit thelike button down below what I’m gonnatreat suing me and we’re gonna post itonce a week and we are going to be doingmy truce or kicking it off thesemicrowave you don’t have to use thestove you don’t have to use nothing butyou have to ask your parents before youdo these things okay so let’s getstarted so we’re back and so we’re gonnaput the British on a screen just cuz youdon’t hear clearly or are we justtalking too fast so the first thing youneed is some Oreos any kind of or elseyou won’t okay so these are called thisBooker’s Magic Shell chocolate these arethe hearty Descartes in really fast youcan get step or if you get otherchocolate you want then we got thesprinkles you can get any country keepsgoing we got the colors for those comeyou like doing the best and then youneed a plate just for it don’t hit thatmessy because if you don’t get a platethen you it’s probably getting thatscene and then you spill it somewhere sowe want it to be not messy so firstthing we’re gonna do this one they’regonna get open Orioleswe’re gonna we always pick from themiddle so we will put like eight on thething for 70 all right there we go nowyou put the Orioles on the thing so thenext thing we will do um we will put thechocolate on ityou gonna eat you for make sure you ummake sure your parents help you oh yeahwe gotta wash our hands before we dookay we’ll be right backonce we wash your hands yeah replatethen we replace the eight cookies thatwe already touch with new hoodiesbecause we don’t want to spread germs sothe first thing you need to do is overthe chocolate and take anything offsomebody yeah so we’re gonna like you’regonna like put him on it’s kind of gonnacover water and it’s kind of okay chunkywhy just get chunky what’s wrong withthis just bring it on room I guess youpick chocolate so it is got chunky guyyou know no way okay so that look kindof messy but once it goodyou put those don’t put a lot okay sonext thing you want to do the next thingyou want to do it’s better for thefrigerator for like a couple hours orminutes so like 30 no 20 minutesyeah 20 minutes so let’s go put these inthe frigerator and then we go be rightback when they come out the burger okaytake the Oreo cookies not the foodwriter and we add it we added some moresprinkles in shock so let’s go sit inhere you goso we gonna try to see if we can pickhim up and they are very hard before youget a knife or butter knife so[Music]no pretty hearts goodit’s called harsh Oh chocolate desolatecall Horseshoe talk oh come here[Music]okay there you go so now okay I’m okayso now we’re gonna tie and then we got achocolate American wheel showsingredients on the screen and so nowwe’re going to pull out this video[Music]Tracey we make and like and share thisvideo with other people for never makethe boutonniere[Music]safety first yeah safety first just haveto use no microwave no other no stovejust plain angry news oh and here’s alittle the only cause a little bitchlike 11 to 10 dollars so yeah you’re notlooking that much money sohope y’all enjoy this I hope you trythis so let’s good say good bye good bye

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