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How to make Cookie Dough w different toppings

Baking time with my toddler

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music][Music][Music]salt and baby powder[Music]party party[Music][Music]I’m going to put it[Music]chocolate chip this morning[Music]mm there’s one less New Year’ssneakers and they punish marshmallowsokay[Music][Music]okay so which one is this one[Music][Music]marshmallowsyeahand pinky[Music]Oh what this okay you wanna make thatoneI’m going to make that waybe happy are you happy yeahoh the oven is readychichi will help you Gigi need some help[Music]yeah bring it on[Music]it’s hard it’s got a good job[Music]what is yourswhat do you call that cookie chocolatechip[Music]don’t betaste it one I want to knowhow’s itgood[Music]to try some[Music]Ohhere’s our finished

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