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Making quarantine cookies for my friends!! (I am a bad chef…)

I am such a mess haha! I hope you enjoyed this vlog and watching me struggle to make cookies from a package lol. Everyone could use a little joy in this time so be kind and be a light to others!! Thank you for watching (and if you see this you should totally like this video)

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Video Transcription

hi hello everyone good morning welcometo the faux hawk so it is Saturday May2nd it’s like 10:00 in the morning rightnow this is going to be a day in my lifewe’re still supposed to be socialdistancing and under warranty andeverything but yesterday things herestarted to open like some restaurantsand some businesses so the world isslowly opening up again and I could notbe more excited today I have a nailappointment excited get some done myeyebrows done get my toes done and I’malso going to be the plan is to do amake and go over cookies to my friendstoday but I need to get ready firstsorry I’m like so good when I go placeseven if it’s the smallest places likethe store I get ready because I don’t goanywhere now so now that that’s all doneI’m going to go I’m gonna go get dressedI like tired I need coffee so right outhere I am just unbelievable how haseveryoneI’m currently sitting in the longestDuncan line ever there’s never a winehere but my mom just texted me and toldme that she already got me stuff to makecookies tonight I’ll to go and buy allthe stuff so I’m not gonna go to thisstore anymore and I’m super excitedabout it because I don’t do some moneyand don’t go to the store and get outand not business I’m just so excited nowI have to go make a bunch of cookiesthough it’d all be worth it for my voiceyou know what I challenge you to dosomething for your friends maybe it’snot making cookies and going to deliverthem maybe it’s like writing a letterand mailing it or writing a letter andmailing it you know we can also use alittle bit of joy to sprinkle on thedate I haven’t had Duncan like I learneda trick on how to solving betterglass water or if you don’t want to takethis right can also follow theinstructions on the back on how tosoftenturns out his microwaveOhwish what stuff I’m not my brother’shead here it’s hurt so I should[Music]thirty-four[Music]all makes their attorney[Music][Applause][Music]anyways I do think we got it all mixedupfinally but now I think we’re okay soyeah we got our own pigs okay okayI’m gonna grease the pan wait this videoI think it all really I think what’sgoing fine and so I get myself in theface with the microwave oh then I thinkit started on this part is going reallywell which i think is fairgone through a lot of struggle I do havea really bad reputation for burningcookies it’s hot in there yay cleanup inthe race more letters hi guys so it isalmost an hour later it is 1:40 and thecookies are out of the oven there’sstill a huge mess over there Kleenex Idon’t know if I’m done or not I’mletting them cool off where I start topackage them and see how many more Ineed I’m writing letters right now andI’m writing letters for like the pasthour it is now even an hour later thenthe last clip it is now 2:30 and I’mstill working on letters but I finishedall the cookies thankfully I just haveto finish writing all these letters myappointment is at 3:00 like I said butthe nail place is like right down thestreet so I don’t have legs like 40somebody go to my appointment and thencome back and get the cookies and thengo deliver them everywhere and hopefullyI can get to everyone tonight it’s gonnabe a lot of driving but a lot of fun soyeah I’m very excited for my nailappointment too because your girl lovesto have her nails done she always goodto her nails done and I haven’t had themdone something spring break so I’m superexcitedhere are all the cookies happiest a fewextra and now I’m running to a nailappointment you enjoyed that very badepisode cooking with me I don’t know whyI was a pretty disaster but we got itdonecookies taste good I tried some prettygood and just so everyone knows what PSAI did wash my hands many many timesduring the process so they do not hathe virus to you I still love you don’tthink anything of it I just knew I had alot on my platewith these twenty people are ready oh mygoodnessthat took hang on that took or organever I got hot pink on my nails and onmy toes but I’m not showing you my toesbecause that’s weirdthen I got my eyebrows done I’m gonna gohome and eat dinner and then I’m gonnago deliver everything I am what’s gonnadeliver before but it took up to aminute so I’m gonna go to that hey guysso I have been delivering cookies forabout an hour now and it’s a 256 and25th they got halfway done there’sreally been nothing to film and that’swhy I have a film because I’m justputting it in their mailbox and thendrug aporia texting them becausewhich I did that’s a lot of pressure yaknow cuz you know that’s gonna getreally famous yeah I gotta be known forsomething no hair no facial hair hey I’mhere with my good friend Kat okaycookies for the road that I’m going tobe driving here soon in July it’s mybrand-new car I don’t have yet but willsoon have five vlog so it is nowmidnight and I am exhausted I drovearound and delivered like nine cookiestoday which doesn’t seem like a lot butit was a lot cuz they were very spacedout um so I delivered nine cookies tonine people today I have another likeeleven tomorrow but the people who gotand I really liked them and I had got tosee some friends I only talked to peoplelike actually and it was miles and Meganand I talked to them both for like anhour so that’s kind of put me behind I’mnot gonna lie that’s a big reason why Ididn’t stop to talk to everyone but so Iguess this is gonna be a two day vlog wewent through the cookie baking processtogether so now we have to go to thecookie delivering process togetherduh so I will talk to you guys tomorrowgoodnight hello welcome to an unexpectedday two off the vlog it’s actually likealrighty round two I’m delivering thesebad boysWow she left me something I’m still notdone this is taking like a lot of time Iknew who’s gonna take a while but likeso I have one more[Laughter][Applause][Laughter]you’re an embarrassment to this familyin the morning right now which explainsa lot going on here but I just sat forlike two hours and edited all of theseclips or this vlog I hope you guys likethe blog and do something nice for yourfriends or your family I thought[Music]

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