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Perfect Peanut Butter Cookies!

This recipe creates the PERFECT peanut butter cookies! Crispy on the edges, soft and chewy in the middle! HEAVEN!

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Video Transcription

peanut peanut butter and peanut buttercookies that’s what we’re making today Ihad a bad craving for peanut buttercookies they haven’t had one in so longso we’re gonna make those today in thebowl of my mixer or if you’re feelingstrong you can just do a regular BowlI’ve got a quarter cup of butter thenI’m gonna add a 1/4 cup of peanut butterthis is smooth you can use chunky thoughwhatever is your preferred peanut buttermine is the sale peanut butter awesomeanyway you’ve got half a cup of brownsugar if you don’t have brown sugar youcan use white sugar it’s gonna give youa little bit different textures thebrown sugar helps me get two years butit will still be really yummy got ateaspoon of vanilla and then I’ve gotabout a quarter teaspoon of salt as wellas one teaspoon of baking soda actuallyI meant half a teaspoon of baking sodaso that’s going to go into the mixerwith the paddle attachment we’re gonnalet it whip up till it’s nice and fluffyand then we’re gonna add one egg so I’vejust scrape down the bowl you can seehere I make sure is really light it’ssoft its fluffy that is perfect that’swhat we want so we’re gonna add one eggto that and then we’ll let it whip up soit’s all incorporated before we add ourflourso our egg has been all corporated youcan see it’s still nice and fluffy itlooks a bit lighter now so we’re gonnaadd 3/4 of a cup of flour to that andwe’re just gonna mix it till it’s allcombined scrape down the sides of thebowl just to make sure there’s no butterchunks mix it for another few secondsand they’ll be ready to scoopalright cookie dough’s already there soI thought a lined baking tray and I’mgonna use an ice cream scoop to portionit out onto here you can just also use aspoon too if you want and then my ovenis preheated to 350 degrees so be niceand hot once these are all scooped youcan also roll this into a log in yourand put it in your fridge wrapped insaran wrap and then you can just sliceoff cookies whenever you need them willbe all ready to go so you just want tospace these out so they don’t melt intoeach other in the oven and then what Ilike to do on my peanut butter cookiesis sprinkle just some regular granulatedsugar on top this gives it a nice littlecrispy topping once it goes into theoven awesome so once these are ready I’mgonna pop them in the oven for about 10minutes until they start turning goldenthen they’re ready to eat alright thesebabies are ready to go in the ovenwhile your cookies are in the oven yougotta indulge it the best part of makingcookies and that’s looking the spatulaour cookies baked for 11 minutes if youlike them chewier you can bake them forless time if you like them crispier bakethem a little longer these cookies arecrispy on the edge to be in the centerthat’s how I like my peanut buttercookies you can see here it’s still niceand soft in the middle there soperfectly golden on the bottom deliciousI’m excited to eat these well thanks forjoining me I’ll see you guys tomorrowhave an amazing day

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