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Making Peanut Butter Cookies with Mom – Happy Mother’s Day

My mom and I make peanut butter cookies together. We did this the Saturday before Mother’s Day 2020. I love baking with my mom. Happy Mother’s Day Mom, I love you.

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Video Transcription

hey guys this cab you know malysh andtoday we are gonna make some peanutbutter cookies there are mostly give mecrunchy and I have someone to come withme mom onevamos on camera man but she’s gonna beon home because make cookies todayso we should start getting theingredients so we got all ouringredients here and we have ourcookbook recipe it’s from Better Homesand Gardens new cookbook and we weredoing this on this peanut butter cookiesdon’t we’re gonna be to get crunchypeanut butter so it’s gonna be crunchycookies but more crunchy than normal soyeah what are we gonna do first first wehave to melt the butter and peanutbutter we need our here to clean verywash them yes so you have half a cup andyou also have to have a preheat youroven to 375[Music]we started I said there’s a 375 – and itcomes out alternate ready guysit comes out like this it comes upunderneath so we just try this once whenwe just had a normal bowl like that bowland it splashed all over your Brendashirt yeah we want to hold sure we’redone all the peanut butter so this isone of our favorite you know butter 50recipes but we’ve never try it withcountry peanut butter and we didn’t haveanything about Doris lush we’re gonnasee what it’s like[Music]make sure that you’re covering yourfavorite you’re sure this is a reallycute shirt and what I do is I barelybrought it out of the mix yes fairlydull and it’s fun this don’t bring itout like and then it’s but right herethat’s funny to go excess offso me and my mom are making a littlebusiness where we make shirts like thisand we’re what it’s called Ellen acreation yes so on the side I like tomake t-shirts and we also do designs oncups mugs and things like that maybesomething fun we do on the side – werecently named an LNA creation soLindsey and happy puppy in and press itdown it’s about 1/2 a cup and it gets alittle too much and so I’m just tryingto pressing it down[Music]so if we’re ready it looks so cool mommyI’d like to mix the egg up before I fitin it smells so good I wish you couldsmell it right now it’s smells so good[Music]alright so you press it one way youdon’t arrest it another if you don’tpress it down at least a little bit inthere a little chunky but you kind ofsee how it makes a little crisscross ison[Music]I think you’re right I think thecrunching is falling apart a little bityeah there’s the crunchy peanut butterpart though it’s kind of making fallapart a little bit yeah be careful weuse here up in a few kids if kids arefollowing this careful your oven askyour parent to help I can fake enoughthat we let her use the oven withsupervision all right so we spent thetime learn to use seven minutes it saysseven and nine minutes we said it for 70we checked them so now we’re going toanother train and a little bit so wejust kept our cookies and all right andyou’re looking for the bottom to be alittle bit Brown yeah[Music][Music]um yeah like subscribe and share thisvideo please share this video to all ofyour friends and if you do wear thebottoms a little dark brown on thebeginning she’s here not all right so wegot three sometimes hot it is not cooldown there are gonna be so hot they coola little bit so they’re definitely youcan pick it up and hold as a cookie nowyeah it is take a piece of it that’s howI got the new very part easier we thinkbecause we use the crunchy peanut butter[Music]hey just take another filming itwe are not professional Baker’s this issomething we just like to be for I likebakingI went into something he does my cousinswho I know are watching this DVD BeninNick I love you guys when I can’t waitto see you because I miss you really bad

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