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These peppermint cookies are so good!
and they also look very good!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]it’s me again and today we’re gonna bemaking marbles pepper main cookieshere’s what you’ll need 2 cups of flour1/2 a teaspoon of salt 2 snakes or 8ounces of room-temperature butter 1/2 acup of granulated sugar 2 egg yolks inthe declaration you’ll needa boutique owner of any shape or sizeand you also need two different colorsof food coloring these colors areoptional but I’m using white and bluenow in your bowl whisk together yourflour and your salt[Music]well you’re gonna want to mix the twosticks of butter into the ball[Music]the granulated sugar and your powderedsugar now you’re going to want to beattogether all[Music]now that you make sure it’s fluffyyou’re gonna add your egg yolks 1 out oflinemake sure to beat well after every eggyolk[Music][Music]now you’re gonna be in your peppermintextractnow you’re gonna be in a little bylittle your flour mixture into yourBarbie[Music]mix on a low speed[Music][Music][Music]a little bit of a better mix basicallyyou’re done into two different portionsso now in your first bowl you’re gonnaput your first color which mine is white[Music][Music]which I am gonna be using white and bluejust to get it a better color[Music][Music][Music]now that you have any different photosyou’re gonna put some more powderedsugar on it just so it doesn’t stick nowthat you have two different colors ofyour dough you’re going to start puttingthem together and then roll it out so itlooks like a marble once you have rolledout your dough to about half an inch nowyou’re going to want to start cuttingyour shapes[Music][Music][Music][Music]once all your cookies have been cut andthey’ve been on a tray with a with someparchment paper you’re gonna freeze itfor 10 minutes pre-heat your oven to 350degrees Fahrenheit then for about 13 to27 minutes this one is optional but youcould decorate him and give him a littleface and I’m just and I have theselittle eyeball sprinkles that I’m justgonna attach and draw a little mouth forhim and this is the finished product Idecided to do some boxers for fun I hopeyou guys liked this video[Music]

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