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Making Peanut Butter Cookies!

Since we can’t go outside, we decided to do something fun inside. Peanut butter cookies have always been Papa’s favorite. We found a recipe that only needs three ingredients. Let’s try and make ‘em!

The recipe:

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Video Transcription

hello everyone its Ronnie what are wedoing today Ronnie we’re making we’remaking peanut butter cookies good sohere’s where we’re gonna make everythingRonnie we have everything that we needto make the peanut butter cookies firstthing that you need to make anything isa recipe this is a recipe okay this ishow to do it step one step two what doyou need okay next thing that we have onRonnie we have all of our materials whatis this alright and then we have this isa mix mix yeah we’re gonna use that tomix it together right and then we haveour ingredients what do we have herewith this sugar and of course we needpeanut butter and okay so everything weneed first thing that we need to dobefore we make anything is wash yourhands let’s go wash our hands[Music]but how many pumps we need this one pumpall right we’re gonna count to ten right[Music]alright so right we have our recipe hereso it says read ingredient peanut buttercookies three one two three ingredientspeanut butter cookies five sixlooks like my different things that weneed to mix it so we need one cup ofpeanut butter so we have a little bitmore than one cup here no Brad one cupof white sugar we have one cup of busycoming coming sugars in here runnywhat’s this a one cup okay so we got onecup of sugar and then we got one egg sofirst thing that we’re gonna do is wegot to mix these three ingredients verysimple we’re gonna put this one you cando the first war or the sugar into thebowl make sure you get everything inthere nice soft or good yeahguys know you got sugar all over yourhandssometimes that’s okay we’ll just keepthis your hair on there ah next Oh[Music]all right we’re back now Ronnie rightwe’re back and we washed our hands againbecause essentially sugar that’s okay noproblem hey yeah you wanted to feelsugar right it was good until youcouldn’t get it off your jr. right okayRonnie we’re gonna scoop this scoop thepeanut butter into the sugar now okay sothis says that we need one cup one cupis 250 you’re like numbers 250milliliters how many milliliters is inthis one you know we’re gonna try to putlooks about the same right we’re gonnaput most of this peanut butter okay sotake your spoon and reach in there andtry to grab as much as you can let’s seelet’s see how you did itpull it out oh let’s see is that a lotokay that’s a pretty good put it inthere I’m gonna try to get a big scoophow they’re gonna get really big[Music][Applause]I think that’s good that seems likeabout a cup that’s okay because we’regonna mix it around okay so last thingthat we need is going to be the eggcrack so I’m gonna put these here you’regonna take this egg and then you’regonna crack it just like before justlike we did for breakfast good you gotthe crack in there now let’s try not toget any of the egg in there push it goodoh yeah nice that was a pretty goodcrack now we don’t need this one anymorelet’s go get and what we got to do nowis that mix me so that’s the one youwant to mix with not yet runnygot the egg in there so we don’t want toeat the raw egg[Music]there’s a little bit dirty it’s got tobe all together all the ingredients haveto mix together hey Ronnie okay so whatwe’re gonna do now is we’re gonna grab alittle bit of this dough you’re gonna bemy scooper offer try to keep this alltogether[Music][Music][Music]all right so actually peanut buttercookiesinstead of punching it you can punch itwith the fork okay so I’m gonna show youthe first one and then you can justfollow the way I do it so you do likethis you punch here and then you punchlike that okay that’s how you’resupposed to do the peanut butter cookies[Music][Music]all right so now we’re gonna go takethese over we don’t have a comment onyou so where we gonna put these[Music]we shall put them in the airfryer so I’mgonna grab these you’re gonna be myhelper though we’re gonna bring themover to the airfryer put it on the tablefirst table okay I’m gonna put them inthe airfryer uh-huhyou want to see what it looks likeinside the airfryer those are yourpeanut butter cookies round oneclose it up okay now we’re gonna pushthis button here okay and then press itone more time to start well it needs tobe 175 let’s see175 turn it on and then it needs to stayin there for six to eight minutes ifit’s already preheated but it’s notlet’s do ten minutes alright alright seeyou in 10 minutes alright so the timersays that there’s two minutes left butsmells like they smell like they’redoing pretty good so we’re gonna writein thereoh we’re gonna take them out a littleearly cause it look perfect and what dowe got hereCarrie peanut butter cookie straight outof the airfryer they look how did itlook how does it look okay it looks goodand it was pretty easy to make rightRonnie do you remember how we made thepeanut butter cookies yeah Ryder for tenminutes and now the last time to eat italright grab one Ronnie how’s it tasteyum yum yum then it’s good right mm-hmmand then what do we have here Ronnieyeah we got milk you didn’t know peanutbutter cookies and milk is a great comboCheerssee you next time

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