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Cluelessly making Cookies!

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Music: Harmony
Musician: @iksonofficial

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Video Transcription

okay welcome sometimes it’s gonna belike that I’m getting a callokay I’m back all the time that was like30 seconds so so today making cookiessome butter I don’t really know what I’mdoing I’m uh attempt this we’ll seewhere where it goes I don’t know if I’mgonna leave it recording or not cuz Iwon’t play some music I want to jam butI’m not really sure but this is a greatopportunity to chill with you guys butI’m gonna be like moving around so maybeI need to find it better can I move itback some and like alrightthere we go I think that’s good I thinkgot everything in brain okay so I thinkwe’re goodfirst things first I need to microwavesome butter I don’t want to use a plate[Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music]breezy[Music][Music]Oh[Music]that’s a water body microwave is friendsoh that’s gonna take forever I’m cuttingjust put two solid sticks of butter inokay I messed something up haven’t II should cut it when it was in thewrapper like a smart person cut it onthe wrapper make a smart personokay this is for schoolI just got happened this doesn’t makesensestupid come on let’s start with 20that’s not gonna be nearly enough thatstuff is frozen part 1/2 cups lightbrown sugar we’re gonna make do withwhat we havewhere’s brown sugar that kind of lookslike a brown sugar bag that is 30seconds[Music][Music]more flourall right[Music]it’s my turn I I would show you yes Ican whoop it’s a lot buddy okay we gonnawe gonna mash this up I’m trying to getin frame we’re gonna just kind of mashit up a bit cuz we have to cool it backdown or just kind of let it sit for fiveminutes once it’s melted it’s not fullymelted though so there’s there’s it’skind of chunky at the bottom I thinkwe’ll put it back oh that’s hot thoughthat’s hot we’re gonna leave that thereI think that’ll be good we’ll let itchill for five minutesand we just tie her on I don’t see youan option oh wait that’s that’s Clark Ohkitchen time yeah okay cool we have arunning timer I’ll rush with watch myhands Brent’s not wash okay back to thesearch for the brown sugar I know I’moff frame I’m sorry you gotta check thepantry I’m short okayoh my gosh it just boldly to everythingout of place um not in thereback in frame okaythis is obviously where I think it is Ijust I think I’m blindwhat we straight-up just don’t have itI found brown sugar I don’t know ifthat’s enough that’s I’m barely in framethis is all we have so we’ll see if wecan make that work I just not wearing acup song that’s not really I’m sorryalright it comesI checked here voilacups right there again another Bowlokay so we can get okay I’m looking fora large bowl right now these two bowlsuse okay now let’s undo that go allright that’s enoughI’ll start gonna make a run with a spoonoh my lordno that’s with baby away from the camerafor this just like and in here over hereokay I don’toh shoot I spilled a little betterthat’s badthere is so little left and it’s barelypacked down oh now how much we hop and ahalf no cookie Hey I hate myselfI’m so sorry the camera does this like Ilegitimately feel bad but that is notgonna be enough round sure there is itbecauseoh my gosh this stuff is like freakingclay backs like one cup there’s just Ijust don’t see away that’s happenedthat’s not I’m gonna make a call see ifwe have any more and I’m just missing itand though this sucks this sucks okayI’m gonna call you guys I’ll see youguys in a little bit all I’ll try andthrow most of this up together reallyfast for you guys it’ll just be a littlejump cut and I’ll be back when I’mactually doing some stuff so you okaywe’re back I wonder how bad that looks Igotta go to store and get some stuffsecured the package boy okay I’m backbutters like I come Excel it again youcan’t really see it does everything isnot going rightI wouldn’t say wrong but I’m not goingto say everything’s gonna fall asleep ohokay so it’s about 20 minutes when youlast saw me not not not when I wasgrabbing securing a package when I wasokay we got itwhatever okay Oh see you guys again andthen just a couple seconds when I getthings ready he’s okay I’m back um butI’ve added oh now the fourth fillingokay how did that that’s gonna be that’sall the sugars and like thicker sugaryliquids has the eggs in it that’s gonnabe the sweet batter then I’ve got what’sactually going to make it rise a littlebit and become a dough on the floweryright yeah so I do believe it it says tomix these Dadra that have flour makesure to wet ingredients during it socompletely combined and then after thatI’ll add in some chocolate chips becausewho doesn’t want some chocolate chipsmay have okaywe use that I should probably Terra it’sjust hair here Runahey three-spoke nobody saw this tryingto get him trainedyou’re more helmet too cause I alreadyfeels emptyoh geeznobody saw thatokay that’s essentially just there’slike four leftokay welcome back my dudes sorry Ithought I saw my cat um okay so as Isaid I would show the stuffs in herewe’ve gone the cookie dough with all thechocolate chips it is a bit later I knowit felt like a few seconds if ending athome um no it’s cool it’s quite a bitlater bit later enough first batches dogwhat’s cold so the recipe said it madeit cameras go lychee okay we getsomething okay um says right here itmakes 32 large cookies that’s 12 I haveanother in the oven and I have that muchthat that’s a lot that’s heavythat hefty hefty and I don’t knowI’ll be ready for that so um yeahthere’s a lot left so I’m really tryinghow to log in my arm already hurt blogthings hard perhaps to people who do itum making cookies so I got the secondbatch in there are you sure you guysthat excuse hopefully this doesn’t screwup the making thing there you go I don’tknow okay maybe did you guys even youknow all the cool camera I don’t know ifyou guys off about all those sexyInstagram angles of those poking cookiesbut yeah see you guys highlighter booth

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