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Making gluten free chocolate chip cookies

Me and my t-rex arms are making gluten free cookies. I hope you enjoy it!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hello everyone today I’m going to makeyou some chocolate chip cookies withusing almond flour and so the firstthing your I will post the ingredientsin the comments for those of you okay sothe first thing we’re gonna do is grabthe almond flour which is yesand we’re gonna okay so we’re going touse two cups of almond flour of thebrown sugar which is uh-huhyes a fourth cup of brown sugar[Music]maybe oh you got it ok enough 1 cup ofwhite sugar baking soda no that’s an eggthe baking soda is in front of the bowl[Music]I’ve got the shortest offer just ifthere’s ok this yes yes ok there’smeasuring spoons and then 1/4 of ateaspoon of salt which is right thereyeah you just a pinch just planning yeahok that’s fine yes and there we go 2tablespoons of butter already softenedso we’ve got it right hereright here we need to put the butter onthe fork okay man we’re gonna put 2teaspoons of the vanilla which isfalling over right here in front of meyes no yes yes actually that’s probablyall that’s left in the bottle so yeahokay that might benever heard anything and then we got anegg right uh-huh yes we don’t want allof the eggshells in there but it’s okayall right and then we’re gonna take ourfork and we’re gonna stir this up maybe[Music]we’re gonna add a half a cup ofchocolate chips and then we’re gonnabake it in an oven on 350 for nine toeleven minutes I mean oh that’s so goodI don’t know what happened to my armsbecause I didn’t have a tan going on butI seem to have you know faded a littlebit you know and I don’t know but I looka little bit like a t-rex too like Idon’t have upper arms so funny so reallywe’re gonna um yeah the hands don’tmatch my face I really need to get outin the Sun s’more whatever so anywaywe’re gonna finish stirring this up andand then we’re gonna bake it and I’llshow you the end result aftereleven minutes and I will post theproper recipe in the comments and let meknow if you and remember Tracy driesokay and here’s the final recipe they’renice and stuck to the pan but they’reyummy delicious and oh there goes thatlittle white hand again so I hope youenjoy this recipe and I’ll see you in mynext time of Tracy oh look I’ve got ateam again imagine that

4 Replies to “Making gluten free chocolate chip cookies

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  3. That looks amazing ! and not too hard to do perfect to eat in my lunch break will try it for sure * – *

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