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Making cookies with Nana

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Video Transcription

this is Kristen and she’s making thecookies and see you rolling okay let medo you hear all them up there look atthat break they’re doing their cookieshere’s your peanut butter blossoms forthe bear this is Texas and a few minuteswere gonna do the ones that Kristin’sgonna live in the fair and she’s gonnado ozzie tea cakes you’re doing greatChris he’s already done her sugar thoughthat’s why she’s getting a little bitdifferent there throw that one away justthought of why that’s good are yourolling it Chris New York’s mission areyou don’t think that’s a good Kristenthat’s not well we don’t wanna drop onthe floor Kristen roll it together babyanother one case you want to see you doit roll another cookie in there hissugarvery good look at crécy robo neros andlook at her proper aren’t they doing agood job okay we’ll get some more justto mince roll sure I had a trouble giveher one in her hand and give her letterso under rolling give her some dough andshow how to do start how to roll thedough and she doesn’t how to do thatkids then cover with that one you’resome more dough you did good Christianyou’re doing a good jobokay it’s your doing good – that’s daddyPapa John’s going out there

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