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Making cookies with Liam

Heart cooties

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Video Transcription

hey guys t-there buddies here you mightas well make these heart cookies there’spink and one shows there’s alsosprinkles okay II got the oven eating upso we’re gonna heat the oven to 375degrees Fahrenheit place the cookiedough onto the traythanks for eight to ten minutesall right we’ve got our hands all washedit’s time to put our cookies on the traytwo inches of Punt this may take awhileso you’re probably gonna fast forwardthe processI’m just doing a little bits of video asyou’re doing it yeah that’s okayBrittany a second tray they’re gettingtoo close now two inches is this far sojust do three rows okay second smallerfit all right guys so um all the cookies[Music][Music]so now we’ll put them in the ovenokay they’re done and it’s they’re doneand let’s try them which one let’s tryithmm that’s pretty good thanks forwatching like and subscribe and bye seeyou next time

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