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How to make Sugar Cookies | Fun Tutorial + Tips

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Wanna know a trick to make your sugar cookies even better?! Of course you do! In this video I share with you how to make extra scrumptious sugar cookies because of my one super easy, incredibly simple tip to make your sugar cookies taste THE BEST!
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Video Transcription

hey guys we’re making sugar cookiestoday okay so the ingredients you willneed for drop cookies or for cut outcookies but we are doing drop cookiesthis time so we need one stick of butteror margarine softened not melted and oneegg there’s my one egg and here’s myspoon I will be using butter instead ofmargarine I just like the taste ofbutter better some people like margarinebut I like butter better heat oven to375 degrees next it says to stir cookiemix softened butter and egg in a mediumbowl until soft dough forms so its poursome cookie mix still pouring here isthe softened butter I just left it outfor about an hour beforehand so I didpre plan this you can also melt it inthe microwave for like 20 seconds butyou can also put it out you know like anhour before okay so now I’m going tomush in the butter before I put the eggin just to get it not so much stuff tomix in so now I am mixing it in thebutter in and if we can see still prettydry so after I mixed the majority of itkind of in I am adding the egg that’sour farm-fresh egg so what do I do withthe shell well I have a neat littletrick I just put it right in the cookiemix bag in that way you don’t have tolike run over ten miles to you knowthrow it away okay so now we mix the eggand I like to break the egg up before Itotally mix it in and then let’s mix itup so we can see it’s still pretty muchthe mix and the butter and the egg areall separate and then mix it and keepmixing it and mix some more and a littlebit more and there you go now you get anice doughthere now it’s a good dome now that wehave a nice dough formed it’s time toput it on the cookie sheet and I have agigantic cookie sheet but in order tonot get it dirty and have to watch thisgiant thing I’m going to use someparchment paper so I measure out theright amount and then I flip it overbecause I don’t want the curl to curl upon the cookies then I grab my otherspoon and a fork this is an optionalthing you will see that here any minuteand I will grab my two spoons because Idon’t want to just grab it with my handsand I put it in little bitty you knowthey on the back it says teaspoons ortablespoons I just eyeball it you knowwhat’s a good sized cookie gonna looklike so option one you can do to flattenit out is like a peanut butter cookieuse your fork to smush it out well Idon’t want to say the word smush withfood but your smush it I am going to usefor the majority of mine the oldfashioned roll and press method kind oflike play-dohso you just roll in a ball and then yousquish it down with your fingers andhere is my secret ingredient sugar I putsugar on the top of sugar cookies forsuch a little addition it adds so muchto it it really does so after adding thesugar on top and I mean come on it lookscuter anyway right okayso I put it in the oven for eight to tenminutesand I’m just gonna keep an eye on itokay so eight to ten minutes later Ipull it out so I make sure the edges arejust golden brown I like mine a littlemore well-done than most so that looksgood to meyou know some people might like themsofter and chewier but that’s mypreference level so just golden brownaround the edges and then move it overto the cooling rack can’t you just tastethem right nowa little bit of sugar still on top looksnice you want to put it on before youbake them or else it’ll just fall rightoff that is how it is done okaytaste testing time ready amazing nowit’s time for a joke I once gave myfriend a bag of sugar for her birthday Ithought it was kind of cheap but shethought it was super sweetokay guys hope you guys enjoyed therecipe and the video don’t forget to hitthe thumbs up and if you would like tosee even more cooking videos hit thesubscribe button until next timeremember food is good but Pleasant wordsare like honey sweet to the soul andhealth to the bones bye guys

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