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Making cookies part 1

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Video Transcription

Tim you need to do your intro hey guysmixing from the recent video with Gemmacut off by accident so it was a PDchannel just say no no it’s not seasonedcurrently recording me like don’t get myfinger oh look how bad this looks yummydon’t get madit’s exactly the running life so guyslearn it react to her please turn it upno not that muchcan i book satisfying it is okay myphone sir my sister it’s dark anotherclient is now doing something which Idon’t know any hellono she’s pouring something and she’sbeing really weird you’re being weirdyes can you be sureso guys I have to do a job for my dad soI’m going[Applause]that’s mostly bad[Music][Music][Music]yes[Music][Applause][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]perfectly shaped it being half priceand now we need it put it down[Music]yeah[Music]and see what we’re doingyes[Music]push your hands[Music][Music]we just finished it’s hardly anythingwhen the leaders Jim’s complainingbecause he didn’t get to live somethingyeah you should’ve asked them for methen I wouldn’t be complainingokay now we need to wrap this intoplastic well that will you glad wrapI’ll do it and then thirty minutes we’regoing to be back and we’re going to dothe second part what people do reallyyeah you want toI am just hay grabbing stuff right hereokay you need to format a ball now youneed to put that out first give me thedough oh you want some what’s up goodyeah nacho mepeople eat see that but we’re cookingoutside the germs you need to cut it youneed to do it tight very tight yeahyou have to see what I said okayokay you’re gonna be sitting there withus with my guys what are you doing Idon’t know why it’s not even trueyeah what do you actually see you guyssubscribe drop a like and see you nexttime bye bye

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