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Learn How to Make Sugar Cookies Easy Recipe with celebrated artist Susan Carberry

Learn to make sugar cookies with celebrated artist Susan Carberry. Learn her favorite sugar cookie recipe for perfect cookies every time!

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music]hi I’m Susan Carberry of the Capecottage and today I’m going to show youmy favorite sugar cookie recipe so firstI’ve got 2 cups of unsalted butter andmy mixer here and the next thing I’mgonna do is watch out here I always loveto use my KitchenAid you can still gobaby you don’t have one it’s just goingto be a little more work for you so whenyou pop that on and then I’m going to goahead and take my granulated sugar hereso I’ve got 2 cups of granulated sugarstarted slowly you’re just gonna mixthis until it’s next epic alright soit’s pretty basic recipe you can’treally change it up a little bit when weget to the flavorings I like to use alemon extract and then a vanillaflavoring but you can kind of changethat so just mix in a little bit morelike that the medium speed[Music]we’re on the loose speak now and thenI’m gonna just take two eggs and thenit’s laboring time as soon as those areblended in a little bit so I’ve got myvanilla lemon extract and if you don’tlike lemon extractyou can just use vanilla or you canchange it up like I said earlier niceand mostly so I’m gonna be using oneteaspoon of vanilla okay so my eggsblended one teaspoon of vanillanever mix like this over the bowl wehave a pour out of the bowl but you knowI love my vanilla so if it smells inthere you know who cares right so nowI’m gonna add my two teaspoons of lemonextract that I poured in here alreadythree teaspoons of baking powder andthen my flowersbut it was good to have it all in thebowl together sometimes eggs let me juststop this show you what it looks likescrape down the bowl a little bit andthen we can start to add our I just wantto make sure that I get any butter thatis down there at the base if it’s notmixed in it’s pretty good mmm cookiedough another reason uh people like touse this this cherlene recipe that ihave is because it doesn’t spread a lotand that’s really important when youmake your sugar cookies especially ifyou’re gonna use the fondant to decoratethem with because you use the samecookie cutter as you do to bake them soyou want them to be pretty close in sizeso go ahead pop this on and you can putyour little if you have one of thoseguards on here you probably have oneright what the heck even a little slowerfirst you put on your trash bag just incase you just come flying down at youand then we’re gonna go ahead and justgradually okay just gonna gradually mixit in here then I like to kind of stopfor a little bit so you don’t get allthis stuff in your lungs is it whitelumber the bakers yet alrightso you a little bit of a mess t too badhuh that’s why I put six cups in thereI think your cut is out here don’t itall right whoo all right you’re rockingand rolling now yeah this is fun fun forall ages mm mm spits at ease yeah manall right so it’s still mixing in thereI’m gonna go ahead and put it on alittle bit higher speed and then I’llslow it down again and continue to I[Music]don’t want to put too much in because Idon’t want to be you know too dry andwhen it is finished what we’re gonna dois we’re just connect it and knead it upa little bit wrap it up and then chillit for about an hour before we use it Ihave used it right away without chewingit sometimes it will spread it to anybit more that way but if you’re in apinch it can be done it does make a goodamount of dough a lot of sugar cookierecipes make the cream baby baby thinkwe have to you know double triple therecipe this one makes a good amountI have doubling this recipes okay Ithink I’ve done it like triple thinnerit four times and it doesn’t really workas well so I only recommend doubling itwhoa[Laughter]didn’t know you’re gonna have to putyour hands matsudo for this did you itreally is a simple recipe right thereit still looks a little bit sticky soyou had about half of what’s in thisbowl I’ll stop it show you what it lookslike and then I’m gonna scrape this downmix it again and if it all comestogether then it’s good if it’s still alittle sticky then I’ll add more okay soI’m gonna stop it here sweep it all downsee what it looks like[Music]they’re back on we go so it’s still[Applause]there we go and show you how to get slagand like I said okay see how the edgesare clean they’re a little bit extra alittle bit that was down there at thebottom pop it on there and I’d like toactually put it in two separate like atleast in half that way if I’m not gonnause it off I don’t have to you know takeit out and I also don’t like to you knowcontinuously use one piece I don’t likeit to dry out too much so if you have itusing two pieces all right there you goso I’ll just kind of cut it in half likethis chillin and meet you back here inan hourokay we’re back it’s been bad an hourand our cuckoo is ready to go so whatyou want to do is get your favoritecookie cutters out I’ve got somedifferent styles here you know what mykids favorite cookie cutters are do youknow excuse me business all right solet’s go for it let’s do it all right sowhat we want we want our cookie sheetshere we’ve got our dough we’ve got aregular rolling pin we’ve got a littlebit of flour in here we’re not gonna usea lot and triple real vows you can playthe drums or I’ll let you show yousomething else that we’re gonna dothose first I’m gonna take someparchment paper go ahead and pop thatdown and I will open up my cookie doughso we’re not doing the traditionalmethod where we just put some flour onthe counter roll out our dough and thencut or cut cookies pop them over ontothe tray and bake them cagey cuz theycan kind of tear and get distorted andall sorts when you’re moving them aroundso what I prefer to do is make theparchment paper as big as the tray okayand I don’t like it to actually go up onthe sides of the tray or anything wewant it to be perfectly flat then I’mjust gonna take some of the cookie doughI’ll take a little bit of flour here nota lot just a little bit so this doesn’tstick god I get this ugly so you can seeI’m just gonna go ahead and roll it upthat way then I like to move all of theparchment paper and then roll back thisway maybe you are lucky enough to haveone of those rolling pins that has therings on it especially the wood oneswith the wood rings that’s pretty coolthat’s pretty awesome because you canget your cookie dough all the sameheight I’ll show you with those dowelsway to do it in a few minutes but I’mjust going to keep rolling them outregular way herejust in case you don’t even have thoseat home so if that happens don’t worryabout it just move it off to the sidejust means it’s getting a little stickyhere make a bit more flour on it so ifyou want it to be maybe about an eighthof an inch thick if you’re gonna do yourcookies on a stick then I usually go alittle bit thicker than that but notthicker than the quarters all right sothen what you do is you take your cookiecutters again your favorite ones rightSusan currently designs and then youwant to go ahead and cut out yourcookies you don’t want to cut outsomething big like one of these largeones with these on the same sheetbecause this is going tocook much quicker than this okay so ifyou have a bunch of little ones do thoseon one cookie sheet and then the largerones on another one okay I think I’mgoing to go ahead and do this one so youcan go ahead and cut like that and thenyou can move it over um these are allabout the same size so I can get awaywith doing those together so I’m leavinga little bit of space go ahead and dothis one maybe over here I don’t likehow that’s gonna come out there so I’lljust do those three on this one thenwhat you do is you remove the excessdough and you can reuse that and thegood thing about this excess dough nowit doesn’t have a lot of flour in it soit’s not gonna dry it out and causecracking and all that good stuff so wellnot that good stuff actually that’s badso remove this sometimes I’ll use aspatula you can’t get into the littleboots and things and then I’ll lift thisentire piece up put it on my cookiesheet and I’m gonna bake it in just aregular oven at 350 degrees okay whichit has preheated and it’s ready to go ifyou’re using a convection oven thenanywhere for to me three hundred and 325you want to make sure that it’s notlower than it should be your oven tempif you have a feeling that your otherthat’s not really calibrated correctlyone of those really cheap up.justthermometers throw it in there becausethey’d be the oven temperature isactually too low and you bake these thenthat will make them spread more than weshould so this is ready to go go aheadand pop it on here if you are using aconvection oven which again I’m nottoday but what that does it actually hasthe air that kind of circulates so whatI would do in that case is I actuallytake someone like silverware and I putit on the sheets because what happens isthis will blow up and it can actuallyblow up onto your cookie and you have toredo them and then what do you do theold ones you have to eat them and it’sjust a vicious cycleso putsilverware or something that can go inthe oven on there and then they can gointo the oven so I’ll take this up themin the ovenhow long looks you determined by thesize of the cookie so anywhere from 5 to12 minutes for the larger cookies I likethem to be a little bit more Brownaround the edges because I don’t wantthem to be too soft and break on me nowI did tell you that I was going to showyou how to use the skewers here so forthat if you want them all of these beperfect size and these are quarter inchskewers so that means these would bepretty big cookies you can also useskewers or these are actually tails butyou can use thinner dowels to get thedifferent size so you would just rollyour cookie dough out between the galslike this and then it can’t go any lowerthan those so then you have a perfectthickness every time okay this part Ican just cut off there or change italright so that would be perfect thenyou can go ahead and just cut them likeI showed you and you’re ready to go Iusually will just cool them on thecookie sheet if you have a cookie rackyou can go them on that that’s fine ifyou need to reach your using your cookiesheets you don’t have enough then assoon as they come out of the oven I’llgo ahead and just pull this off onto thecounter and then let those cool thereand go ahead and reuse the sheet okay sowe’re gonna clip those big for a fewmore minutes and we’ll pull them outtogether so stay with me could you tellpeople so let’s get out of this to seeit first these open whoa alright sobring these over so you can see themnice and golden brown around the edgesI’ll just go ahead and pop them overhere not on the plastic that would begood cool okay really gonna be at leasta half hour to an hour to cooland then I can decorate it so if youwant to learn how to make some supercute sugar cookies check out some of mytutorials you can go to my facebook pageand follow me there or you can find themon the cake cottage dotnet so until nexttime see you lateryou

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