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Video Transcription

and Rob so today my dad makes cookiesfor me these are cookies he just makethem like you just don’t them like thisso I’m going to make vanilla cookies solook so I’m going to roll them intoballs and then I will just[Applause]this is going to be the best luck myhands are so oily so look now I’m goingto just oh my goodness guys they werealmost struck so that one was dropped sookay so this loan is doing I’m rollingthen then I was resting so it can bebiggeryeah good to make total 12 cookiesalright so this is the code and lookslike I’m laying them so this is the veryfirst time you’re making themactually I’m too old so this is so I putit up butter paper here they’re prettymuch Wow I pretty much have to wash mydown so you can make cookies at yourhome I can watch the video not minebut I didn’t show you how to move so weare some cookies actually I made likeone two three four five six seven I madeseven so here they are take for ever[Music]I’m going to make all your props andclothes the videos coming up I don’tknow who run it will come rolling themsorry guys I didn’t show you that youknow because there was a lots of noiseso I didn’t this is going to takeforeverI’d like to make one anyone hook thisthis is so little this is going to makelike this is like a baby baby cookie soI’m going to put it in the middle sonice sorry guys for that night I’m so sosorry oh my goodnessthis is going to make a lot[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]I was here in the second parthi guys welcome back to out slugs androckstada so this is my part two so there’sall the cookies I rolled then so makesure to subscribe right over here andturn on the notifications right overhere and share over here or notgive this video a big big thumbs up overhere so I’m putting them it’s not stillit’s not it’s not hotthis is the very first time for makingso here’s all to put it with one hand myhand is getting here our day so I’mgoing to put them so so I heat it downfor 10 minutes so here they are theywere heating they’re still cold but itseemed look okay so here’s so inside itso look at this so this is so much coolso here’s all of the cookies and Iheated them and our mom hated them sonow I’m so the cookies will be ready infive four three two one zeroI mean so I’m going to so this is howthe cookies look like like looking likethey’re not cooked but they’re lookslike[Music]I think they’re maybe not ready yetdid you like a bit five minutes so yeahmaybe five minutes is good so I changedmy clothes and washed my hands so I putit on for five minutes so yeah station abitch almost done Ohoh my goodness this smell so good God soso guys cookies are ready look they’reready so my dad took out the green sohey I’m looking so good I can’t waitthat one looks a bit like brown so soguys have to wait until a little bit soI’m gonna checkso I adhere some sugar I’m going to putthem topping so like topping after theycool I mean that they’re like cold solook those two look are looking likebrown so they were a bit looking likeone that one is looking like itlike them I don’t know but this one isnot looking goodI don’t think so what happened to itI think it’s water or no so so I don’thave to touch it because this cautionhot surface do not touch allow to coolbefore serving so check it out look soI’ll see you after a day cold so guysthe cookies are ready they’re cooled solook so they’re cold I’m going to putthem in this so let’s put it they’recoldso let’s put them one I’m going to putsome sugar in it toppings sugar toppingshairdo our sugar and look these cookiesso you’re gonna do it at home so so muchah this is so much this is not just lookat thisso now I’m going to put this up you foodwould lift six eight nine ten eleventhey’re more than twelve looks it lookslike they’re like one rolling so now sonow guys now that they readyI’m putting them so this is the lastpart so I’m going to try them[Music]and this is so goodbyes you know whatguys you should make these cookiesbecause your soul

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