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No-Bake Cookies with Ms. Carla

Learn how to make delicious chocolate peanut butter no-bake cookies! This is a recipe my family has used for the last thirty years, and I hope your family will enjoy it too.

1/2 cup margarine or butter (1 stick)
2 cups sugar
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup cocoa
1 cup peanut butter
1 teaspoon vanilla
3 cups quick oatmeal

Put butter, sugar, milk, and cocoa in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Boil for 1 minute 15 seconds, stirring constantly. Take off heat and add peanut butter, vanilla, and oatmeal. Quickly stir until well mixed then spoon out onto wax paper or aluminum foil into round shapes. Cool until hard and enjoy!

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Video Transcription

hello I’m miss Carla and I am at home ofcourse and I am about to make cookiesand I wanted to show you how I’m gonnado itthese are called you might hear Oliverand Charlie in the backgroundthose are my cats they they would likeme to pay attention to them right now Idon’t see this is Charlie I’ll show youCharlie Charlie doesn’t like it when I’mrecording myself that she’s not in thevideoso the cookies that I’m gonna make arecalled no baked cookies because guesswhat you don’t bake them you cook themon the stove in a pot or a sauce panlike this this is the recipe that I’mgoing to use my mom wrote this out butshe did not invent this recipe we got itfrom her cousin his name is Mary Lou andI don’t know where she got it from butwe’ve been making these cookies for aslong as I can remember since I was alittle kid which is been a while nowprobably about 30 years so on the recipeit says I need two cups of sugar which Ihave right here this is a two cup liquidmeasure but I put the sugar in here eventhough it’s not liquid this is two cupsright there and then it says a half acup of milk which I have in this littledish which is very full so I don’t wantto tip it to show you that there’s milkin there and then a 1/2 cup of cocoaright thereand have butter which works out to onestick did you know that on the butterstick it tells you how to measure it Ihad a little line so you could sliceright through it if you only want atablespoon or two but it also says thateight tablespoons equals one-half of thecompass so I need to use the whole stickfor 1/2 cup of butter the otheringredients are three cups of quickoatmeal which is the kind of oatmealthat’s already kind of ground up thatyou can just put in the microwave for acouple minutes for your breakfast we’regonna leave that dry oatmeal a whole cupof peanut butter which is kind ofdifficult to scoop out into a measuringcup but this is it this is one cup ofpeanut butter the last ingredient is oneteaspoon of vanilla so I have my vanillaextract bottle here and I have it justboom measure and I will measure it outat the very endthis recipe is cooked in two steps thefirst four ingredients the sugar themilk the cocoa and the butter all gointo the saucepan and we heat them upand boil them together and then after ithas boiled long enough who turned theheat off and we put the last threeingredients the oatmeal and the peanutbutter and the vanilla in as it’scooling down and when we do thateverything kind of solidifies togetherand it gets really thick and gooey andthen we can scoop it into little dropteaspoonfuls on to some tinfoil wishI already set out on the table so I’mgonna turn the heat on the burner I havea gas burner in my house so you mighthave heard that click click click as thefire was being lit and I’m gonna put thebutter in here I always put the butterin first to give it a chance to startsoftening because that’s in order forthis whole thing to turn into one liquidthat can be boiled together this butterneeds to be softenedfrom the hard stick into melted liquidso I’m gonna put that in first and letit start to melt which happens very fastit’s already already getting kind ofslimy there the reason we don’t have tobake these cookies is because they’remade more like you would make a candywe’ve ever made caramel or peanutbrittle those kinds of things are madeby heating sugar up to the righttemperature so that when it cools downit becomes a certain kind of stiffnessand there are different levels thatdepend on how hot the sugar gets beforeit cools down and if it gets to sometemperatures when it cools down itbecomes gooey like caramel othertemperatures I believe when it getshotter than that oh yes when it getshotter than that before it cools down itwill turn solid and brittle like peanutbrittleso in this case we only wanted to getkind of gooey and of course the peanutbutter and the oatmeal also help to firmthe cookies up at the end but this isactually more like making candy than itis like baking cookies all right butteris almost all the way melted so next I’mgoing to go ahead and pour the sugar inthe whole thing that sugar will veryquickly turn into liquid first did youknow that sugar it feels almost like apowder when you’re you know when you getit out of the bag or whatever containerit’s in but when it’s warmed up it’svery quickly melts into a liquid andthen I’m going to make it even moreliquid by adding stir this together andlet it make sure everything is allliquidy no more solid bits no more sugarpowder and no more hard butter stick andthen I’m gonna add the cocoa which isjust a little easier to melt in order tomix in if everything is already liquidyalmost from the heat up a little bityou have to it doesn’t say how hot tohave your burner in the instructions andI think that’s because it really dependson different burners heat more or lessgas burners are different from electricburners you know electric burners arethose ones that have like a coil on thestove or on newer stoves it’s maybe likea flat glass and the gas one has alittle cage over over the center piecewhere the flame comes on it the cage iswhat we set the pad on there’s probablya real word an official word for thatcage now go in here and I’m mixing thatall up and it’s starting to lookJacqueline a which is good the mainflavors you know that cookies as you mayhave deduced based on the ingredientslist our chocolate peanut butter and ohmy experience that oatmeal you don’treally taste it so much as it adds acertain texture because everything is sochocolaty and peanut buttery that youdon’t really know this oatmeal flavorlike you would in oatmeal cookies and ifyou use whole oats instead of quick oatswhole oats are where you can see thewhole little oval shape of the oak grainyou can use those it’s just that thetexture and the compute will be a littlelumpy err not necessarily in a bad wayit just depends on what you like andwhat you have handy I know we can’t allgo out to the store any minute that wewant to to get the exact rightingredients also in our case we usecreamy creamy peanut butter becausethat’s what my family prefers but youcould definitely use crunchy peanutbutterall right now the instructions say putthe first four ingredients into asaucepan and bring to a boil then itsays boil for one minute and 15 secondsthat’s a pretty precise length of timebut that’s what I was talking about my Isaid it’s like making it candy becausethe length of time that you boil itdetermines how hot the sugar gets andthat determines how firm the sugar getswhen it cools back down again I thinkthis has to do something to do with thefact that sugar is made of crystals andwhen they heat up and cool down theyrearrange themselves but that’s about asfar as my knowledge of the actualscience part of this goes right now soif anyone does any research and figuresit out please feel free to let me knowall right I’ve got a good boil going andyou want it to be nice and a rollingboil as they say let me see if I can geta shot of this okay so here is what ourrolling boil looks like it is reallybubbling like like a volcano and becauseit is so hot and boiling so much we haveto keep stirring it because we don’twant any weird lumps or anything tostick to the bottom of the sides of thepan so I’m gonna keep stirring and I setthe timer on my microwave for 1 minuteand 15 seconds just like theinstructions say and please don’t mindmy dirty stovetop but this is what I wastalking about when I said there’s aflame with a cage over topic see thatblue flame blue flame is very hotall flame is hot of course that blueflame means it’s really hot and it’sgonna cook this sugar really efficientlyall right the timer is back there itgoes so the next instruction is to turnthe burner off I’m taking it off theheat now in my case since the burner isa flame when I turn it off it cools downright away whereas an electric burneryou would actually remove it from theburner to a cooler spot on the stovethen after I’ve got the heat turned offI’m gonna put these last threeingredients in from the first one I’mgonna put in as the peanut butter and Ido it in this order because the peanutbutter is the gooiest of the ingredientsand it needs to be incorporated reallywell incorporate it just means mixed inso it needs to be mixed in really welland by doing it first I’m doing it wheneverything else in the pot it’s alreadyvery still very hot it hasn’t cooleddown very much yet at allso I’m stirring in and I got this biglump of peanut butter and as I stir itit’s starting to meltalmost like the butter did and losearound inside the pot and I’m stirringit until I get everything kind of mixedin and it’s all the same consistency thesame texture thickness and you can’treally see that lump of peanut butteranymore so I’m stirring that and it’salmost there and now as it’s gettingstirred in more I can stir fasterbecause I have less of a risk ofsquashing the peanut butter around uscertainly don’t want to splash these hotingredients around then I’m going to putthat 1 teaspoon of vanilla in we’re justgonna hold it over the pot and pourright into my 1 teaspoon measure and tipit in then I’m gonna put that lid rightback on this vanilla so it doesn’t spillstir that in real quick and then thelast ingredient is okay so right nowI’ve got like a really nice gooey sloppymixture in here in the oatmeal it isgoing to help firm it up it’s also goingto the more I stir it the more it willcool down and remember I said everythingcooling back down is what helps itharden into more of a cookie consistencyit’s a cookie thickness or texture soI’m stirring the oatmeal in now I got tocareful not to uswash it all over the place becauseoatmeal not as powdery as flour ofcourse but if you’re not careful you canend up with oatmeal all over yourstovetop – definitely done that beforeSimon Stern the oatmeal in it’s allgetting coated in the chocolate gooeystuff it’s beautiful and deliciouslooking but it’s still quite quite hotso I still have to be careful now it’sall pretty much the same color see gooeyand then the next last step really is totake this over to our boil station andscoop it out onto the foil moved asquickly as I sections I don’t want thisto cool too fast I’ll just have a bighard lump of cookie stuff in my pot andI want to get it onto the foil beforethat happens see now when I scoop it itstays pretty hard still a little gooeyso I can’t just you know fling it aroundbut if I want to control how it comesoff the spoon I can use a second spoonto scoop it gently onto the tin foil andthis is gonna make us quite a fewcookies so you got to move quickly sothat it doesn’t get all hard before Iget it all onto the tin foil then itwill take a little bit more time to coolbut not a lot more time and then it’llbe ready to eat we have had plenty oftimes over the years where this has notgone as we plannedmaybe we boiled it for too long and itgot too hard and too dry or we didn’toil it long enough and it was too gooeyand didn’t want to turn into cookies andyou kind of had to eat it with a spoonstill deliciousnot exactly a cookie or sometimes whenit didn’t want to cool down fast enoughor it was a little bit too runny wewould put it on the tinfoil and then wewould put the tinfoil on cookie sheetand then we would put the cookie sheetin the freezer to help it cool downfaster and get firmer of course wedidn’t want to freeze them ac solid wejust wanted them to get nice and firmquickly so that they could be goodcookies sometimes things don’t go rightwhen you’re cooking or baking and that’sfine you always learn from mistakes andusually they’re not so bad that youcan’t still eat what you madesometimes it just may not be quite asbeautiful or taste exactly how youthought it was going to I have to getmyself another strip of tin foil becauseI only got one piece just maybe morecookies than I can boil box a littleserrated edge and you can use that totear the foil right off the box youdon’t need scissors convenient usually[Music]usually wax paper and saran wrap orplastic wrap also have those cheap onthe edge also in case you you didn’tknowI’m calling this tin foil most of thetime but it’s the same thing that’saluminum foil tin is just a simpler wayof saying it saying aluminum technicallyI think they’re different materials butwe usually use them interchangeablyaluminum just refers to a kind of metalin this case a thin metal and tin isalso up in metalsand to be honest I’m not actually sureif they really mean the same thing or ifit’s just a colloquialism like anickname that people that I know havealways given aluminum foil cuz I grew upin Michiganyou knew that I hope in Michigan I didnot grow up in what Island or anywherein New England so I’ve realized thatsome things have different names herethen they did they do where I grew uplike what do you call the trolley thatyou push your groceries around at thegrocery store that you push around theyput all your groceries into to pusheverything aroundI grew up calling it a shopping cart butI’ve heard people here call it call it ashopping carriage and in South Carolinawhere I used to live they call it abuggy and I think that’s reallyinteresting how we came up withdifferent names to refer to the same yousay the same thing this is alreadystarting to get pretty dry which is agood thing because that means I cookedit long enough and it wants to firm upinto cookies but it also means that nowof course when you’re cooking you wantto make sure you wash your hands beforeyou cook so everything is clean andyou’re not getting any unnecessary germsinto the food nicely if its food you’regonna share with other people you don’twant to share drinks with them of coursethey’re all being very careful withgerms right now but even when there’snot any particular illness that we’reworried about you always want to becareful with germs and sharing germswith other people so when you’re cookingfor other people you definitely want towash your hands first to be consideringbecause we usually cook for people witha good positive feeling don’t we itmakes us feel good cook older dessertsfor other people we can might give themas a giftor just as a way of saying we appreciatesomeone or we love them so you certainlywant to give good food and not ickygerms the other thing we have to watchout for when cooking of course is to besafe about hot things and I knoweverybody knows when you’re cooking withthe stove you need to have an adult’spermission and you might even need tohelp from the adult that’s fine toomaybe you can work together to make thisrecipe we want to always be considerateof everyone in the house and make surethat we’re following all the rules inour home too so make sure you check inwith an adult before you trying when Irecipe like this or anything else thatyou might be interested in trying allright I’m gonna turn this camera aroundI have finished laying the cookies outand I’m gonna turn it around so you cansee all my beautiful a little bitcookies all right here they are look atthat 3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24 27 oh there’san extra one in there 28 29 30 31 32 3334 35 35 cookies in this bench that’s alot of cookies for one pot ofingredients and there’s my saucepan it’salmost totally empty because I scoopedeverything out all right I hope youenjoyed this video and that maybe you’lltry to make these if you have the timeand the ingredients and the permissionall right everybody oh one more thingbefore I put my saucepan on the table Iput this cute kitty pot holderunderneath it because that keeps it fromdamaging the wood of the tablebecause that pot was very hot when Itook it off the oven so if you set inthe pot down other than anywhere that’snot a burner you might want to put a potholder underneath it or trip it bye byehave a good weekendand not charge a certain kind ofstiffness their stiffness stiff oh Ithink I can turn my camera can I do itmid video

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  2. Yay! No bake cookies! I love you video! ❤️I made a tiny batch last night and just ate it right out of the bowl…they never made it to the cookie stage!

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