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Making C00ki3s! Cookies with cake mix and too much cold water! Enjoy!

That cooks were so good! Try making it now!

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Video Transcription

hey guys June welcome to another videoum today I am making brownie cookieswith my mom yeah she’s a very good cookum so can I see the brownie and thisthis is what we’re using but we’re notgonna make brownies we’re gonna makebrownie cookies right yeah so um yeah wegot a lot of sugarno cake powder here and um you’re addinga lot be honest I have no idea how tomake cookies I guess you just make doughand then separate it and take ithow’s it going that’s all okay that’sall that’s all that’s all of theokay is that enoughokay what do we do next one eggokay can I do something to work cuz Ikind of want to do their cooking cookingis pretty much fun okay I got the whatdo you call this a whipper okay one okayI’m just rocking the egg okay do you mixitoh one more egg yeah okay I’ll get itall right soon huh oh it’s okay guys Ihave to go over hereokay I’ll be back in a sec okay guys Igot the egg and adding one more lookspretty good yummy that’s why I don’t mixit a lot before you add to it okay whatdo we do now okay can I do someone towork tonight okay what do I dookay um can you hold the camera mm-hmmand you hold the cameralook at that it’s gonna turn into yummycookie cold water okay okay we’re gonnaadd cold water in it good it looks likemud okay this may take awhile guys Ican’t um I want to skip to the partwhere it’s all done okay okay see you ina sec just pull them okay guys umsomething went wrongwe added too much cold water so we hadto add some hot cake powder right yeahso um that’s the problem but it’s okaynowoh we need more oh no that’s too muchokay I’m gonna try and mixing it okayyou know what the camera wrong can youwant the camera okayI’m good okay so that’s how much we didright nowokay guys I’m see you in a sec butbecause this may take a while I’m gonnaget you in the sack okay guys um wefinish doing it so yeah it’s actuallypretty goodokay um what’s the next step alwaysbreak bacon okay I’ll bring it over andwe can make like shape all right thiscomes the fun partokay how’s it going looks yummy oh youneed that you know crave it off okaythese are gonna turn very yummy you haveto do multiple at a time we have a lotof doughso that’s how you get the start of acookie a brownie cookie so first you getsome cake mix you mix it with two eggsand it is too much if you add it toomuch cold powder or I mean cold water umyou can always get like hot cake mixright powder and then you mix it a lotand yeah then you do this we have to dofour at a timewell okay okay do don’t we need a shapethen okay um that’s the first batch okaydo we have to work on the second oneokay what if we do it in there it’sgonna get like curved and stuff I kindof I kind of have an idea of making atype of cookie and it’s gonna be asurprise guys oh you’re putting oliveoil is it olive oil yeah okay my mom isa professional cook so ten real he’slike no no like 50 likes for her okaythat’s number two okay we need a biggerplate though yeah that’s toouh can we use this can’t we use thisokay it’s working pretty good and theseones you can hear the tick yeah that’sworking is it workingthat’s a lotta dough okayplate number two coming in coming in ohyou’re putting all the dough there yeahis it like more better so what are wegonna make on a second one cupcakes okayum so this has turn how to make browniecookies into cupcakes working reallygood and sohuh what is it30 minutes okay guys um wait when are wegonna do the next plateful like afterthat’s done okay guys I need to cut itfor a very long timeI’m yes you in 30 minutes okay guys umnow we’re gonna make the cupcakes rightcupcakes so basically you get somecupcake holders and you put in the doughyou have to put a lot of going rightlike a lot you have to put like a lot ofdough in or just a little bitI think that’s gonna use up all ourdough yeah basically meanwhile this isnot actually gonna take that may takeabout like 20 minutes I don’t know ifit’s gonna take 30 minutes but yeah thismay go on for an hour but it’s worth itokayit’s cupcakes done okay that’s thecupcakes right there or muffinsyou call them cupcakes or muffins butthat may take can you see in there momyou’re really gonna click clean this wecan’t even see insideoh is it working yes my dad just askedare we doing good yes we are okay guysthis may take another while um I’ll seeyou guys in a sec okay guys um it’s doneI’m gonna try it it’s pretty hard ohshoot it’s hotit is really hard but Sakhalin reallygood yeah it’s really goodyour choicemy mama’s gonna decide make cupcakesmrs. didi right now still kind of hotyou guys gotta make thisyeah it’s really goodoh one heart and on water I whippedcream or not it’s technically right youwanna hide whipped cream okay I’ll getthe whipped cream I’m only a littlebecause it’s kind of bad for you not badbut it’s not exactly healthy okay I’mgonna add tiny bit I’m gonna try it dothe whipped creamoh it’s hot dad you want a piece okay umthis is reallyno shapes cooking huh no shapes oh youcan’t make cupcakes no shapeyeah it’s time I can make a better okaywe’ll do a part we’ll do number two okaymaking cookies number two I guess yeahguard this cookie is amazing[Music]don’t add too muchshe only wore cream just a little bitthere’s so much where did you even buythat pink thing this is why Matt it’sreally good but anyway I hope you guysenjoy ice it’s gonna take too long sohopefully gonna do it this video if youdid like subscribe um and let’s say like50 likes for special things to my momokay bye I’m hope you guys enjoyed itand see you guys and like I’ll see youguys tomorrow or okay bye hi

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