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This Boy Bakes week one COOKIES

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Video Transcription

Manon okay welcome to the first sessionof this boy bakes I’m Sarahello Charlie Charlie is my son and hasalways enjoyed baking so we just thoughtthis would be really good to introducebaking to some of you out there that maynot have tried it or love it and justwant to do it more but you’re not reallysure where to start and the aim of thisby Bates is to prove that you don’t needany special hidden talents to be able tobake it’s going to be really simpleingredients and really simple recipesand methods and so today we’re gonnabake gonna make smarty cookies we’redoing smarter cookies you might not bedoing smartest but we’re doing Smartiesokay and how big are these cookies gonnabe massive its how big isn’t it yeah sowhat we’ve got today and there’s onlyfive ingredients in thiswe’ve got flour yep Smarties all thefillings are available I have to watchCharlie with the golden syrup cause helicks the spoon sugar sugar margarine orbutter no we using Margery gotta behonest I use my dream and a lot of myhome baking and it’s cheaper and it getsa better bake I use butter inserts andthings like flapjack and if you carry onwatching the baking sessions you willsee that I do use what’s true in otherthings as well but today we’re using mya terrine so quick ones are aquatic thatwe’ve got all of our ingredients readywe’ve got a big bowl because I’m notsaying Charlie’s messy but yes yeah sowe have a really big bowl so it doesn’tspill everywhere we’ve got a couple ofbaking trays which are nearly as old asme themselves as always made yeah that’squite old yeah but you know so you coulduse a baking tray like this we don’ton our baking trays because you get anice crisp bottom and they come awayfrom tray really easy but you combinethem if you want to if you use in asilicone pan you’ll get the niceChristmas on top but you might notnecessarily get it on the bottom justbecause so they can sort of holds theheat so we went out on our ingredientson a simple digital scale they’re aboutfiber from a certain catalogue shop inthe high street but at present youprobably would have to order it but youknow you don’t need the expensive fancyscales we’ve got a couple of spatulasthey mainly for beating the child quizwhen it when it gets out of I’m kiddingfor all of those people out they weregoing to complain and and some screwsokay so what’s the most important thingbefore we start wash your hands washyour hands he’s gonna do it can neverget to clean the oven is off it’s on 150degrees okay now you know your own ovenand if you do need that translating intoanother languageopen wise then just let me know becauseI didn’t research it before I came onbut I do have a chart that tells me gasand all sorts so yeah 150 degrees that’sready to go nice and hot and hopefullywill be hotterwell the light’s gone off but it so it’sup to temperature so it’s ready for whenthe cookies are ready to go in so firstof all Ben what do we needyeah we’ll put this over here for thewashing look ferryand Wales okay so that’s our dream I’vegot in there another 4 ounces of sugarnormal sugar just the sugar you put yourcoffee and teadon’t worry about getting specialhas to sugar anything like that justnormal sugar and actually if you wantedto use brown sugar that gives a reallynice toffee taste to the cookie as wellso that’s something spare in mind andwhat we’ve got to put your next we’regonna mix it now you can mix it with aspoon if you like really we’re lazy andmom forgot to plug it in just say okaywhat’s the role of the mixer charliehe’s the mix which keep the whisks atthe bottom of the ball and why’s thatbecause if you don’t know go everywhereand I’m not saying that that’s happenedbut yeah it has happened doesn’t it yeahso yeah keep the mixer in the back witha bomb so straight in the bottom so nowI always help charlie at this bitbecause[Music][Music]okay so now you look I’m saying he makesamends and I’m doing it as well I’ve gotit all over the table I should havementioned that we’ve moved our diningroom table across the kitchen because wewanted to prove if you don’t need afancy kitchen you can do it anywhere sothis is our dining room table covered ina white bubble cloth thank goodness soit’s gone into like a squeegee squeegeecrummy tight base so what about Beckscharlie they’re our flower don’t nowe’re not yeah we are no no don’t listento thatwe’re gonna wrap one tablespoon of seasouth eyebrows it wrong way arounddon’t tell them we’ve got a prom boy Ohhonestlypop the spoon that’s not spoons not forlicking ready so big tablespoon of syrupthere we go and then you can look itwhen you put it in all right thank youscrape it off best way to get syrup onthe spoon use a little spoon yes spoonI’ve ever had not spoons got me yeah wegood and put that in the wash what youleave that one he does like a bit ofsyrup so well easily pretty spoon I’mgonna mix it up into[Music]if you can’t lick the spoon when youwere challenged when can you that’sfancy so there we go oh we don’t clickin that spoon in the watch them takethat now you can say that next bit isflowering hey hey go for the berries Heyso that flowers going in yeah at thispoint if you wanted to make a chocolatecookie instead of a plain cookie whatwould you want cocoa powder cocoa powderwhat an excellent ideaso at this point we’ve it up and tbsp ofcocoa powder cocoa powder well done butwe’re not gonna do that because we’remaking plain cookies yeah but you canokay so mix away gonna mix that flouryour glass is vibrates in townokay and then we’re just going to getback quick quiz that’s good yeah you’regonna have to watch your arms again nowyou just coughed don’t worry it is justan asthma cough nothing more seriouswhile he’s doing that I’m gonna chuckthe smart is in that’s my job it’s newyou lose memom’s also got a copy on the go you knowwhat we’re doing now so this is themessy bit that’s why it’s what she’sokay we’re gonna switch it all togetherin the bowl now the best way to do thisis literally squidge it push it togethersquidge it push it against the side ofthe balls really gay speeches great Git’ll still be sticky and damp you knowso it’s gonna be squidgy enough to getit all together into a big ball it’sfunny isn’t itso those that like to eat cookie doughyou don’t you’re gonna have to restrainyourself at this point you might tastevery nurse well to be fair some peoplelike cookie dough nobody it’s cookiedough that sorry sorry though I havejust themthat’s just professors in the world thatyou like to eat cookie dough okay howare we doing at this point mom’s gonnacome in so mums and dads out there bigbrothers big sisters or everyone at thispoint little fingers need a little bitof extra help all right so I’m going toscrape all that excess batter off forthe X we don’t want to waste anyCharlie’s gonna go and wash his handsfor the next bitI’m just squishing it all together nowone sit in a big bowl now then Charlieand I have been making cookies since hewas very small he was about three WinnieRomania’s cookies we’ve got this down toa fine art this next section we usuallyactually when we do this we usually makea double batch and we make one batch ofplain and one batch of chocolate don’tweigh what fillings that we don’t cookit thoughso don’t you’ve done jellybean inchocolate yeah we’ve done chocolate chipwe’ve done mini egg yep did resistanywayyeah then we did a fruit yeah it’s quitenice top some 3:45 a day so yeah so seethis it’s not leaving any on my handsnow it’s a really squeegee squeegeelovely mess so what I’m gonna do is I’mgonna roll that and then I’m gonna breakit in half don’t need to be too tooprecise I’m gonna break it in half againso this is technically a maths lessonnow what we got now we got cool T we gotfour quarters and I’m gonna break it inhalf again and what will that breakwe’ve got H now we’ve got a snap so youknow who knew you would be doing Aprilcoming listen listen this morning so nowwe’ve got eight pieces because we’regonna make a cookies okay and eventhough these trays are quite largethey’re gonna spread a lot when we putthem in the oven so Charlie’s gonna putthem on the pan in a certain way andthen I’ll show youso Charlie rolls them into a bowl copsamongst the pan where they need to goand then he squashes them just a littlebit doesn’t need to be a massive amountthat’s plenty because they’re going tospread you do need to squash them alittle bit just so that theyspread are we doing yeah good we didn’tuse the spatulas sometimes if themixture starts the bowl you need toscrape the bowl around you juggling yeahthat’s not good run well all my lifewho’s gonna be everywhere let me see youin everything pleaseokay so Charlie’s gonna carry I’m doingthem and I’m going to show you this soas you can see that they’re very widelyspaced all right because they are goingto spread you’ll see that when they comeout the ovenoh yeah just picking up the loose bits Iknow two months agoobviously the rolling process is veryimportant in Charlie’s life Maryour universe hey that’s fun so now I’mgoing to take these I’m going to popthem into the oven now these are goingto be in here for about 12 to 40 minutesbear with an exit set an alarm for 12minutes and so it’s hoping it’s I’mgoing to check them I’m gonna see howspread they are and have around the artand because someone’s about family lifeand crunch your label we’re lacking tobe a bit chewy don’t like yeah yeah soI’m gonna check them at 12 minutesyou know the fastness of your oven soyou might have to judge this one maybe10 minutes and then 12 and just seewhere you’re at so I’m going to stop therecording and then when the alarm goesback we’ll be back we win alright seeyou in a minute

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