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Making bunny shaped butter cookies!

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey guys welcome back to my channeltoday we’re making um rabbit and bellshaped butter cookies the bear shape Imade is for my best friend Anastasia ifyou don’t know I have a video of her thevideo of surprising my best friend withanother birthday present because I gaveher a lot but still it’s not enoughshe’ll see it comingand umm Oh both subscribe to herI’ll keep reminding you throughout thevideo the name is berry Anna she’s agotcha tuber and yeah she’s reallyamazing and she’s really nice and allthat and um it’s kind of like a liquidone it’s not like a doughy kind ofbutter cookie but I hope you guys enjoyitadd flour add more flour keep mixinguntil we get it really – and then it’sin flour to get that very hard though wekissed her and thenyouadd oil if you like we either order toget a bonus smelly catif you think you added less milk addmore milk this is like a sink we makingthis smooth consistent so we’re notactually making the hard way so I canstick these down but we’re gonna accessthem into a bag and like squeeze out theshapes if you want you can add foodcoloring and to make the bunny betterbut since we’re in quarantine right nowI can’t go buy some colors so we have todo what we’ve got batter into theplastic bag[Applause]youyouhope they grew bigger but they startedoverlapping that I can still see someoneto honor your heart let me just get themout yeah my BFF I may be a messy Xhosais a bearBarry I’m I should go subscribe to hershe was cool Sheila got you to run Isaid earlier and yeah we didn’t godeliver to her very soon I’ll film it

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