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How to make easy crunchy choc chip cookies

This recipe is a must-try.
The end result is unbelievable. so crunchy and yummy.
to make it crunchier, you can add chopped almond as well.


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Video Transcription

hi assalamualaikum my name is his Nanashe ha so hope you’re doing wellRamadan Kareem so today I am going to doI am going to be doing chocolate chipcookie so let’s start from with theingredients so you need a mixing bowl amixer and we need brown sugar so that wecover not chocolate chip esten vanillabaking powder an egg oil butter cornflour and flour before before you startdon’t forget to wash your hand and yousay bismillah 3-letter man or him sofirst you add in butterok and then you’re add in brown sugarand then you add in one teaspoonI sent vanillaput us in vanillaand then a Nick so I’m going to crack iton a ball first and then you add it inand then you mixhe says push all of the sugar down okayokay let’s keep on mixingnow push until it be like this and thenyou add in flour you put a little thenyou mix[Music]and then you add into restnow let’s just push all the Florida[Music]and then you add and you add cornflourthen you mix[Applause]and then you add in become so BB companyclothes and baking powder[Applause][Music]and 3 tbsp of oil 1 2 3 and then you mix[Applause]and lastly add in chocolate chip and amix with thisthis is sadand now I’ve clean of the access and nowwe mix with a spoon or spatulamaybe I’d in a bit of oil okay and thenyou take a baking paper put it here andthen we can start putting so first youneed two spoons you take a bit and thenyou like make a ball ball and then youput it here okay let’s put the other oneand make sure you don’t put it too closeto each other so it won’t stick togethertoo much and now we put it and now arewe big at 150 degrees at 20 minutes[Music]I’m pitcher 20 minutes 20 minutes okay

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