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Make cookies with Safeera

Playful Safeera making cookies. Kids love baking. Enjoy cookie making with her and try this recipe at home 😍

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

you know Ricki go so egg everybody cankeep on it now melphalannight I can beat Paula to me okay beepcourse alright okay okayhello from sugar dear fellow you need myhelp goodready that can mix coddle okay hold thisand mix mix mix you have to mix verywellnow he needs oil well ladies here aremundo I know I already said oil oilVegas ahead and oil oil hobbynow the terreiro oil little bit extraokay like some magic ball summer sherockscome on sugar Cabo some are body buttersugar love it yeah no body to pollinatorSapphira was the right there’s AA feelsuper rent like current to make 30k sohe Kaiser draw he I kind of added sugarcow but Tommy Paine Corbin you cannotonyx you gotta sort of cookie day so wedon’t need sugar anymore okay let mebring the oil and then you’re gonna mixoil with this okay wow yeah be carefuloh yeah it smells so bad okay okay likesmine I know yeah it’s like like you haveto mix very well I told you all this andmix keep mixing okaybeep it baby silence II know we’re alittle doubt happyyes mix mix black planter mmm keepmixing unpack you don’t have to beg upthing I’ve ever done but if you needhelp let me know I can help youyou want me to mix yeah you don’t needhelp you sure yeah okay good that’sgreatlet’s see mmm nice for a Bigfoot stolemy mother’s article electricalsocket any doctor sector he muttered heleaned up with a nice except deliciousalreadyyeah snow down here is your flower itpicked ability to have it it’s meBarbara just keep mixing okay exporterNicole I love me I’m not worried aboutthe negatives followwe can click we shall talk recorder allthis yes[Music]patience patience[Music][Music]how many cookies able to meet with thesethree four five I don’t know I didn’tcheck the measurement oh my markI do color gray changing problemsyes like breaking it’s nice it’s likebreakyes I see anything great here it’s likeblanket what any penny what it’s likethat it’s actually like getting a littledirty yellowish coloryeah yeah proud proud like you yeahpretty close to your color let’s seeyeahbrown like you huh okay okaylet me put all the flowers now monixlikes white light you do the flower iswhite like me Wow okay keep mixing it’snot a stamp rightyuckynice not here King yeah they gave thatto menow Cano Vega back sooner dr. Cho yeah Ican hope you donated I’m in shock thatsurehmm okay coolokay I make the quota be a van pleasegonna be me the other big deal guilt tome pink girl into egg Tom lay again akinto thank youmore than have any yummy Havana Sundarigotu way I make to help you recorded eupper to me avocado okay you’re shapingyour cookies now Vicki nice like toborrow cup table but that’s good that’svery goodI really appreciate it Wow nowexhibition at IG Chris parents are gonnaa little bit mm-hmm you gotta make itagain you gotta make it again take somelittle more and shape it again good niceBishop press corps gonna just a slightpress okayyeah ever to me spoon Derek a design orbow okay let me see don’t use that oneI’m gonna give you your spoon okay I’mgonna give you a fork is yeah but thisthat’s a dirty one I’m gonna give you anew oneQueen fresh so a VLAN huh Amy your babyoneoh nice fun okay my mother he’ll put it[Music]if you press it again you’re gonna lostyour design don’t twist it again it’sperfectvery nice okay yeah I’m gonna make otherone okay I finished now I have toanother mom Bible help putting her and abattery of it okay Lady Gaga mmm no I’mkiddo door back door gonice okay here you gohold it like that if you want you can doother designs too but just make suredon’t press too much okay well you’rehappy yeah okay okay now I’m only gonnahelp you to make it quick okay so we wehave made it so faryeah I’ll say but I can I can Iwe’re gonna put it on the second matchokay see ya honeyokay Mukunda gonna make this easieryeah an eagle Oh Sofia make cuts allrightokay Saphira how many cookies you made[Music]not badokay so late – I’m Logan and okay andeven a brain car apartI’m Robert Eagle amiko okay okay give mea – okay open it oh sheesh overweightover thirty minutes and we’ll be backsoon okay so hungry in the meantimeshe’s going to have some fat Safi we’regonna first time to see okay to work itupon its board to wait five more minutesyeah five minutes I mean you know thedamn okay okay okaymmm smells so goodI shall deco yeah it’s readythat’ll be cool to seefor Baba are tightly excelsis it updon’t touch it it’s very hard yeah looksyummy come to mamayummy picky eater for the movie thumbsupbolo nice nice you said sd-6 hopinghonest about[Music][Music]

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