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update: no one ate them.

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Video Transcription

hello folks how does Connor it’s SundayI have to leave for vacation on Tuesdaynow this vacation is like an annualtradition that me and my family we allmeet up stay and we just hang out youknow one of the traditions that we do iswe make a ton of cookies and wehave not made the cookies yet we have tomake them now and transport them to thevacation location the vacation locationwe have like a million different kindsof cookies that we’re making but I amonly making two cuz I’m lazy and Ithought I should help but like I don’twant to do it all by myself so I’m onlymaking – I’m making sugar cookie andoatmealI just let’s just you know you guys knowhow much I hate intros I don’t need tocut this i’ma do it now you would thinkthat this will be an easy thing toachieve because it is just bagged mixright so it’s really easy you wouldthink not coming it’s not wait it seemspretty self-explanatory you would thinkthat I would be able to make us noproblem but I know that I’m gonna screwit up somehow they want a whole stick ofbutter up in this bitch that seems likea lot are you surehe also says softened I mean maybe thisisand an egg this egg whoa hello is therea baby chicky in here oh me oh nono no will you see that was quite quickputting all the ingredients in this butit is going to take so much effort toactually mix it all togetherokay this butter definitely was notsoftened it’s yep this is gonna takeforever to mix like are you kidding okayyou know what yeah I’m gonna chop thisbutter to bits oh she’s like kind offrozen in the middle you know what Iwonder who the was just chilling inthe olden days in their little cottageand thought let me mix these thingstogether like what possessed you to dothat because I would never look at theseingredients and think what would happenif I mix them together that seems justkind of up dude this butter isnot a pink cooperating it’s literallylike a solid chunk nothing is mixingtogether if you knew what the bowllooked like right now you should allwould click off so fast this is notenjoyable at all do you see this it’s afun factI’m gonna be dyeing my hair today whichI’m also gonna film that because I’m asellout and love recycling my videoideas so do I need to put water in heretonight please just wet with me look atthis is all butter that just won’t meltit won’t get out of hereI got a bone to pick with Betty Crockeralright because she’s she’s not livingup to the expectations you would thinkthat this would be easy and I’m startingto wonder maybe it’s not me maybe it’sjust Betty Crockerand her unrealistic expectations I liketo spice things up on my chin all rightnormally when people would make acooking video they would do it fromscratchNamie not me you get something totallydifferent you get a new experience doyou sure you’re not crunching that isthe bowl rubbing against some cookiedough mix that fell on my counter I’mnot gonna lie to you I’m really startingto lose hope do it I swear to God myfamily better be kissing my feet forgoing through this work I just don’tunderstand how you can tell me that allI needed is butter and an eggwhat about the vegetable oil isn’t thatsupposed to come into play at some pointthis is crazy how is this happening tome how only me only me it literallylooks like bread crumbs right now I’vebeen mixing for so longlisten here bitch all right you startgiving me a hard time and I may havethrown you in the trash I don’t thinkyou want to be thrown in the trash sostart getting your together and youknow mixing properly and then maybe wecan carry on with our friendship whenuntil then we could out of you I’mgonna see you when this is all blendedtogether because I can’t it’s finallystarting to come together you guys after20 more minutes of rigorous stirring anda lot of arm pain and a couple of shedtears I’m back in the game baby it’spretty much fully mixed a little crumblystill but my hand is so red from a stirring this thisincompetent like luck okay why is it alow-key little I scrambled eggs thoughso yepdid I just break that I did yep it’sfine it’s totally fine who broke a listI didn’t okay hey yeah she’s pretty muchfully done bro are you kiddin how I missmy mouth how’s that happen okay I’mgonna roll them into little balls andbake em up on this do not eat raw cookiedough I’ll give a no I won’t lie toyou it tastes a little wonky my familyasks I did not make these it was not mycreation it was not me okay I’m using myhands I did wash my hands before thisI’m buddyand I’m the Cake Boss the other day Iforgot my old address I’m seven prettyawesome said he ain’t got rhythm yeahyou know what maybe I’m just being toohard on myself if these flop I’m justgonna throw them away before we end upgoing to the vacation location Heylastly for some finishing touches I’vegot this array of Christmas sprinklesI’ll really expect me to be able tosprinkle sprinkles on top of these hoesthey just roll off battle arena thatdick when I spin but I’m gonna that’s itone spin spin spin melamine in that Nickwhen I spin Casper don’t look at me sojudgmentally oh my god how do peoplelike sprinkle their cookies withsprinkles and not get them all over thebaking sheet cuz that’s all that’shappening to me right now give it at I’mgonna give her someone ouch at thispoint I kind of I’m just having fun withit cuz I’ve got a strong feeling it’snot gonna come out well I’m just havingfun with it cry about it cry about itgoogoo gaga little babies I’m done beingnegative about Mikefor creation’s if my family doesn’t likeit then they just don’t like meand that’s uh them problem I’m just kindof letting my brain wander so if I’mdoing or saying things that are likereally questionable just understand thatI’m not aware that it’s going on I’mliterally the dumbest bitch I know and Iknow a lot of dumb bitches but I am thedumbest I’ll take that title with prideremember when I mentioned that I wasgonna do Oh mail as well change plansI’m I’m calling it quits here I amabsolutely done with this I can it mysleeve is stuckI cannot mentally handle any more ofthis so I could show you my cookiesthough would you enjoy that what youenjoy seeing my cookies I’ll show youthem look at them appreciate them lookhow cute like you literally wish thatyours looked like this okay you wishSam creep up bitches you know ask themthe picture jump a couple of racks we’lljust ask it bake the ballerina that datewhen I span I should cook them should Ithough I’m not doing a taste testbecause I literally can’t I have to savethese I have to save these for the forthe vacations I literally can’t eat themso you guys can’t stick around for tastetest cuz there will not be a taste testanyway I feel like I’m gonna pukeeverywhere I mean literally feel likeI’m gonna puke everywhere some Hey

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