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Bake Dat Chicken Pie (Victor 17221B) (Recorded 1912) (Comic Ragtime)

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Bake Dat Chicken Pie (Victor 17221B) (Recorded 1912) (Comic Ragtime) · Arthur Collins & Byron Harlan

Arthur Collins & Byron Harlan (Comic Ragtime Songs) (Victor Discs) (1906-1913) (Encore 2)

℗ 2019 Vintage Recordings

Released on: 2019-11-30

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Video Transcription

[Music]if you wanna make nigga feel good I feelyou want to do one dance viral itsticking from the neighbor’s yard andtake it home with you Nick you go andput them in and while you wink your eyesall time is the flavor right up the noseof a hole make you melons and you freezeroof a few sample with nothing beats thechicken pie when it’s right in front ofyou especially is that chicken I am theone you have to be always guilty theydance him to me for you I’m saying[Music][Music]Big Al bigger the chickens are awfulfunny thing happened to me the other daywhat a dead boyWow in the store and bought a dozen eggshmm exactly yeah and all one of the eggswas written a lady’s name and heraddress and under me these days pleaserise yeah no I’ve been cuz after Iopened the egg I knew by this time thathe must be a very old lady[Music]the place because it’s a big mess to getpie and pudding loves us hi Michael howare we – good you said I had to be[Music]

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